My Idea of Dillengers Thomson




Introduction: My Idea of Dillengers Thomson

if you like nerf comment if not then dont



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hey dudes im not going to be on here so if i reply late then sorry
go to my youtube account and messege me, ill gladly help you out.

Good, but i think dillengers thompson was automatic not lever action.

also didnt his thomson have a strap not a stock?

no i think it had a stock, do not forget he had 2.

1 of em he did use 1 with a strap to also dont forget this is my idea and could be done but i dont want to slouch over a maby 2 ft of gun and the amo would fall out. sorry but they are cheap and brake easly i know, luckly i had a maverick. as a back up also im on youtube my user name is MAVREV13.

hope you liked it still if u want tsee em in action im on youtube

i love the design, it's just not 100% the same.

its ok and i tryed to make it a street swepper thomson mix and there it is

you mean a street sweeper.