My Idea of Dillengers Thomson



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Introduction: My Idea of Dillengers Thomson

About: IM ON YOUTUBE LOOK UP MAVREV13 and youll find me Im emo goth, mods nerf guns, listens to music and writes music, im into demonology and.some other cool stuff

if you like nerf comment if not then dont



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    hey dudes im not going to be on here so if i reply late then sorry
    go to my youtube account and messege me, ill gladly help you out.

    Good, but i think dillengers thompson was automatic not lever action.

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    also didnt his thomson have a strap not a stock?

    no i think it had a stock, do not forget he had 2.

    1 of em he did use 1 with a strap to also dont forget this is my idea and could be done but i dont want to slouch over a maby 2 ft of gun and the amo would fall out. sorry but they are cheap and brake easly i know, luckly i had a maverick. as a back up also im on youtube my user name is MAVREV13.

    hope you liked it still if u want tsee em in action im on youtube

    i love the design, it's just not 100% the same.

    its ok and i tryed to make it a street swepper thomson mix and there it is

    you mean a street sweeper.

    yep sorry i hit the key and it didnt put any thing on for about 10 sec so i hit it agean and 1 came up so i typed and do you know what a street sweeper is not the vehicle the gun

    Yes, it is a drum magazine 12 gauge crowd control shotgun.

    i know but there is not a full auto nerf/buzzbee ect. gun like that and when i said my idea i dont mean exact. sorry not trying tosound rude but id you read the title?

    i know, but you could modify a tommy 20 to look like that.

     i like nerf!, and nice gun but how does it fire and operate?

    it operates like the leaver action winchester model 1887 repeater fifle or the leaver action shotgun from COD 6

    dumb pc. i ment rifle not fifle. my pc sticks up some times.

     so . . . is this a prob or a real working gun?

    it hits 22-29 ft this gun starts out with wussy internals so i couldnt do too much by modding it but it works well