Picture of new animatronic Eyes: Rock On!

Someone had seen Peter Penguin or my Instructables on Animatronic Penguin Torso or Animatronic Eyes, and was working on a sculpture. He wanted to animate the sculpture when someone walked into the room and asked if I could do it. I thought about it for a while. There were several differences from my penguin, (no laptop controlling the action, could use an SSC-32 as I had before, but may be overkill, and I had never used a PIR Motion Detector before.) But after researching Arduinos and the motion detector from Roboshop ( ), decided to have a go.

SO this is Mark II of my Animatronic Eyes. The eyes do not rotate, but that wasn't requested. It would not be too difficult to add that feature back in, now that I have this model functional.

For more information, go to OH, and if you like this, please vote for my 'ible in the contest (the button is in the upper right!!)

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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools


  • Small screwdrivers
  • Drill (drill press preferred, also pin vise and portable drill)
  • Cutoff Saw, razor saw, jigsaw or razor knife
  • Hobby knife
  • Pliers, cutoff pliers
  • sandpaper
  • Circle Template
  • Dial Caliper (Digital if you’re so lucky)
  • Soldering iron
  • Masking tape

Step 2: Materials

  • 12”x12” 3mm Birch plywood
  • 12” ½”x ½” bass stripwood
  • Easter eggs (small)
  • Ping Pong balls (standard)
  • Lg. paper clips
  • Arduino Uno kit (including Wall Wart and USB connector)
  • Micro Servo, 9g Heavy Duty
  • Servo 24” extension cable
  • Misc. 3x male headers (from misc. Servo extension cables)
  • Misc. 2 pin female header to 2 pin female header, preferable with black and red wires. Recovered from junk PC.
  • Electrical Shrink tubing.
  • Wood glue
  • Epoxy
himanshur911 months ago

I voted. Great instructions.

mohdazhar11 months ago

Way cool. I voted for you.

panada10 months ago

i wonder if they did an awesome robert

djsfantasi (author)  panada10 months ago
It is interactive art. A sculpture of a large rock, which reacts when people come near.
djsfantasi (author) 10 months ago

Never realized that the step with the complete sketch code wasn't displaying properly. Fixed it...

dawoodeee10 months ago
nice job friend,,take my vote
Kiteman11 months ago

Oh, please update us with pictures of the painted eyes!

djsfantasi (author)  Kiteman11 months ago

I won't be painting the eyes. Up to the artist who hired me. You can check out my other animatronic eyes at

Kiteman djsfantasi11 months ago

I got that, I just hoped you could get an image after the artist painted them.

djsfantasi (author)  Kiteman11 months ago
Eric promised to send some pictures and a video. Will update when I get them.
Kiteman djsfantasi11 months ago


emueyes11 months ago

The link for the motion detector doesn't work ?

djsfantasi (author)  emueyes11 months ago
Was edited to manually include link. The "insert hyperlink" button wasn't working for me.
djsfantasi (author)  emueyes11 months ago

I manually added the link. I edited the 'ible several times to insert the link, but couldn't get it to work. So this is my workaround.

Jakeliedo11 months ago

i always want to make these eyes lol , to replace the eyes of a painting of skull , make a thick frame to put electronic things behind the painting and , make the eyes follow the motion , it will look really horror when s.o realizes that they are followed by a skull' eyes , maybe the mouth of that skull will say " what's up , man ?!!!! "

djsfantasi (author)  Jakeliedo11 months ago

That could be done. First, the actuation mechanics could be mounted vertically instead of horizontally. Second, I would use a pair of ultrasonic detectors instead of the motion detector. That would allow us to triangulate the position of the person. Blinking in this scenario would be an option, but the eyes would have to move left/right. The microprocessor could store several phrases, too. Not just one. Wow, what a great idea... Maybe a new 'ible!

(removed by author or community request)
djsfantasi (author)  deleted_account11 months ago
Thanks! I hope many people also vote for this.