This is a mask with a soft keyboard in it.  It was created using a toy piano and textiles.  I created soft buttons and replaced the keyboard buttons with these.  The speaker is embedded in the mask as well.
&nbsp;That sound kind of reminds me of Animal Crossing.<br /> <br /> Nice concept.<br />
what is Animal crossing?<br />
&nbsp;Animal Crossing is a videogame, that's all. There's a bunch of anthropomorphic animals though, and the 'animal voice' that is played when you're talking &nbsp;to them has that sort of wonky squeaking. I don't really know how to describe the sound.
Probably&nbsp;means the game animal crossing. Although don't take my word for it. I haven't played the game so I wouldn't know how it would relate. I just know there is a video game titled animal crossing.
That's great - did you take enough pictures to post an Instructable as well?<br />
Unfortunately I didn't take enough pictures for an instructable.&nbsp; But I'm hoping I still have some of the pieces around so i can add one soon.<br />
Good - I am sure it would be popular.<br /> <br /> Why not make another mask?&nbsp; An octopus has eight legs, eight notes in an octave...<br />
octopus styles here... https://www.instructables.com/id/Snarfle-Tentacle-Monster/<br />
nice idea, I'm making a whole group of masks - I'll add some others here soon<br /> <br />
Oooh, super cool!&nbsp; I&nbsp;also love the look of this.&nbsp; I'd love to see an instructable one one of the other masks since you're making several anyway!<br />
Very cool. And I like the glove idea, pie_red.
Using this concept why not make gloves? Use the soft buttons at the end of the gloves. you could play the piano on a wall!
It would be nice to play it against the wall<br />
COOL!<br />

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