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Introduction: Picnic Table and Bench - 2 in 1

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This instructable is for an easy acces picnic table that folds to a bench in two seconds.

I couldn't find any designs that i liked so i created this one.

Ideal for a deck or area with limited space.

All the wood are two by fours (89x38)

A sketchup version can be downloaded here

Step 1: The Legs

I used untreated 2x4 softwood which is glued and screwed .

If you use treated wood it needs special glue i think.

The triangle block in front of the legs isn't in the first picture ,ive put it on later to make it more stable.

Step 2: The Tops

The short supports under the table are put on after assembly of the legs to make it easier to acces the hinges and to make a tight fit.

For the seat top i used 4 12mm (0.5 inch) steel rods.

First put three 2x4's together and drilled to almost the end.

Put some glue in the holes and placed some 15 mm (0.6) blocks between them and hit the rods in and clamped it.

Or maybe some other connection can be made with trench cuts .

Step 3: The Hinges

I've modified the hinge for the seat to make the gap between the 2x4's

Step 4: The Support

This piece is best made last to make if fit perfect

Step 5: The Top Lock

This is what is made to lock the top so it won't tilt .

But a sliding lock could also be used.

Step 6: In Inches

Step 7: Extra Bench

I also made an extra bench to put my feet on and to add some extra seats for the picnic table.

Another option is to attach an extra bench on the legs.



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Could I get this plan in standard units of measure?


I think I will get better at building from schematics with experience. I think I can get this done but will create a pieces and cutting list to work from until I get used to working with schematics only. Thanks for you help and a great design.

How many 2X4's did you use?

About 30 meters in total

I paid for a 2 year membership so I could build this bench/table. This is by far the best looking design I've seen. After downloading the instructions, however, I am confused as to what I need to cut to build this project. Is there an individual pieces and cutting list that goes with this that I'm not seeing? Also I could use assembly instructions. I think I have adequate skills to build this project but perhaps my skill level is not high enough to interpret the instructions. I paid $5 each for two other designs and although I don't like their designs, their instructions are easy to follow. I will see if some carpenter friends of mine can help me but would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Great looking design - Thanks

All the measurements are in the pictures.
I think it's best to print them and number all the pieces .
Then cut the individual pieces .
Also all the measurements for assembly are in the pictures.
Good luck.

I really like this design. I can't figure out how to purchase the plan. Is there a way I can purchase the plan and receive it via e-mail? I can't find any help on this web site but there are a lot of things I would like to get plans for building.


can i tell you some? two by four (89x38) isn`t correct, it`s correct (5,08cm x 10,16cm), anyway thank for your proyect, from argentina. thank again