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i turned a vintage charlie's angels pinball machine into the coolest desk ever. check out the video to see how! -tim



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    Should have left the back on it, made it swivel, put in a monitor and played pinball.

    great idea! :)

    Exceedingly large amount of coolness!!

    thanks man!

    Nice job! Very clever!

    Holy Yes!...Question... How do you account for the angle of the glass? Could you extend the front legs?

    The legs on the right side are cut shorter than the legs on the left to counter the slant of the machine. It was a little tricky getting the right length. I stacked blocks under the short side until the top was level and measured the difference. Thanks for watching!

    They are extended.

    This is a great idea, while your doing your studies u can just insert a coin and play

    it would be awesome if it still worked, but since it had to be flat to be a desk... maybe next time i'll put a working digital vid game in there