ok, this is a simple instructable, i don't know why others have yet to do this (cause its super easy)  but basically this instructible came to exist because i was too cheep to buy a ftdi cable. 

Step 1: Remove Your Duemilionove's Atmega

to do this, simply use a IC puller or carefully slide a small flathead screwdriver underneath the chip and do the same to the other side of the chip and slowly work it free
I am still surprised at thit that apparently you can program an empty chip without bootloader, simply by placing it in an arduino board (after removing the programmed chip).<br><br>But, since the duemilanova without the atmega is no more than an IC foot with a crystal and an FTDI chip attached, wouldn't it be possible then to program a blank chip just by connecting it to an FTDI chip (or even a max323 for that matter)
What if someone can only afford an Ardweeny
Thanks, I needed this instructibe. One question... Does the clock on the Ardweeny conflict with the clock on the Duemilanove?
Thanks, I was wondering if I could program an ardweeny this way!
<br> Gee, wish I'd thought of it before purchasing my ftdi cable!&nbsp; Now I know what to do when I break my ftdi cable in two, something I'm prone to do!<br>

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