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IntuitiveM8 months ago

I know this may seem like a silly question. However...lol. I have a white pandigital and want to connect it to the bluetooth from my laptop. I went to wi/fi to get the WPS pin and the option was not there. I purchased this online. The e-reader's instructions claims I have the option how ever I do not know what the WPS PIN is nor how to find it. Hope you don't mind helping a grandma out. I am following you because I admire your curiosity. Stay curious. Thanks Teresa

sorry there are some issues wth replying on my instructable...well yeah....i have actually used it my project for "authentication and security" as veins are the most reliable module. Soon will release an IEEE conference paper for the same :) ofc as u metioned this system can be used to inject IV's by projecting the vein image back on the hand
kyle brinkerhoff (author)  Sonam Sawant2 years ago
WOW! thats fantastic! i never thought of that before, good luck with the IEEE paper! oh, and you might wanna take that idea of projecting the image back on the hand over to kickstarter!
"Low-cost subcutaneous vein detection system using ARM9 based single board computer" is the paper in IEEE xplore.
LINK: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/login.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5941714&url=http%3A%2F%2Fieeexplore.ieee.org%2Fxpls%2Fabs_all.jsp%3Farnumber%3D5941714

u might wanna know more about the medical usage.
ty for ur wishes :) and apart from that my project can be used as palm vein scanner which makes it the only low cost system available in India.
ps:looking forward for patent soon