Rally Mobility Scooter With Trailer and Tub


Introduction: Rally Mobility Scooter With Trailer and Tub

About: I am 64 years old and I am always fixing things. I have a gold mine in the complex I live in. People throw out the most wonderful stuff.

I made this trailer from aluminum crutches and wheels from a walker.  My friend made me an trailer hitch and I attached it with 2 screws with knobs from an old futon.  It works great and I can carry alot of stuff and go shopping.  I also use it to carry my dog around.  I attach his crate to it and tie it down with a bungy cord and we are sit to gooooooo...lol  Oh forgot to mention it is also adjustable.  You can make it wider and longer..lol



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    Hi. I love your invention. Don t you love the additional freedom of being able to haul stuff on your mobility scooter. Since I am not able to build my own trailer as you did, I found a place to buy them already built for hauling with my electric scooter.
    I love to haul a trailer with my mobility scooter when I am shopping at my flea market. I also love hauling my granddaughter in a wagon with my electric scooter. We go all over the place together since I don't walk so good any more. I use a (jcv tow hitch) mobility scooter tow hitch to pull my trailer and wagon. It gives me a way to spend quality outdoor time with her which I have missed for so long.

     I like it!
    You should enter it for the " Health by Design contest". (increasing mobility)

    Thank you for your comments, they really mean alot,,thanks

    Very nice!  The irony of making a scooter trailer out of crutches and a walker ... just delicious :-)

    That's great, nice pictures too.


    dang,,,,I meant  "set",,lol oh oh having a senior moment,,lol