here making my media center in which I put a raspberry pi, a key android hdmi, usb hub, switch hdmi and external disk

First of all, I do not put the details of making box
I can only say that the edges are rounded pvc pipe cut in half
the rest of the body is PMMA (Makrolon)
everyone is free to make the shape that suits

what we are interested in solutions to integrate a maximum of thing in a reduced space!

taking a micro adaptater, cut the location of the micro sd and welding wire going up a netbook sd dock that is placed or you want

use of polycarbonate, and behind the wide angle LEDs to better distribute the light
a brass plate easily machined by hand to the desired pattern
pieces of cardboard to isolate colors
paste the sdcard and power extension of pi on the chassis hard disk

switch LEDs are replaced by color LEDs to illuminate the facade following the AV

usb cables are easy to shorten

use the power of the hard disk:
-12v fan and hard drive
-5v for hard drive, usb hub, Pi, android tv, button LEDs (with resistors)

cyanoacrylate glue to set up and epoxy glue to hold everything firmly
electric wire cable to Computer monitor: inside they are plenty and they are very small
Cool I Favorited this it is a good project by the looks of it I think you need to go into more detail and add a video or something of it working but good overall!
Dude! thats amazing!
Great Instructable! Some things are better said with pictures. Great looking case!
nicely done, the backlit enclosure is neat!

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