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heremaking mymedia centerin whichI put araspberrypi,a keyandroidhdmi,usbhub, switchhdmiandexternaldisk

First of all, I donotputthedetailsofmakingbox
Ican only saythat the edgesareroundedpvcpipecut in half
the rest of thebody isPMMA(Makrolon)
everyone is free tomake the shapethat suits

whatweareinterested insolutions tointegratea maximum ofthing in areducedspace!

taking amicroadaptater, cutthe location of themicrosdand weldingwiregoingupa netbooksddockthat is placedor you want

useofpolycarbonate, and behindthewide angleLEDsto betterdistributethe light
a brass plateeasily machinedby handtothe desired pattern
pieces ofcardboardto isolatecolors
pastethesdcardandpowerextensionofpion the chassishard disk

switchLEDsarereplaced bycolorLEDsto illuminatethe facadefollowingthe AV

usbcablesareeasy toshorten

use the powerof thehard disk:
-12vfan andhard drive
-5vforhard drive,usb hub, Pi,androidtv,buttonLEDs(withresistors)

cyanoacrylateglueto set upandepoxyglueto holdeverythingfirmly
electricwirecabletoComputer monitor:inside theyare plentyand they arevery small


noxignis (author)2016-05-24

space bar?

nerd7473 (author)2013-11-11

Cool I Favorited this it is a good project by the looks of it I think you need to go into more detail and add a video or something of it working but good overall!

TSC (author)2013-04-30


tsulvin (author)2013-02-06

Dude! thats amazing!

warspyder (author)2013-01-16

Great Instructable! Some things are better said with pictures. Great looking case!

amandaghassaei (author)2012-12-10

nicely done, the backlit enclosure is neat!

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