Introduction: Ring Out of a Coin

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previous months i was trying to make a ring with diferent materials and diferent tools .
my last try finaly worked, yes i made a ring out of a coin :)

Step 1: Making the Outside

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you can choose to grab a hammer and make the side of the coib thicker, i didn't do that because i didn't really like it . it is up to you.

if you use a hammer, it will take some time!

Step 2: Drill the Inside

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now drill out the inside, make the hole as big a.p (make sure you know the size it needs to be before you drill the hole) i used a small drill, bad luck it broke. the bigger ones wont have a problem going trough

Step 3: Making It the Right Size

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now you can use some tools to make the hole bigger.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

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i stuck some sanding paper to a small motor and a 9v batery and i created my own little machiene. (i was kinda too lazy to do it with my hands :'D) btw i made the ring for someone with smaller fingers

Step 5: Ready to Go

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thanks for reading and i hope you like it :'D


DanielK33 (author)2015-07-04


Just a couple of kwik comments, try ebay's jewelry/clock repair tools

also Harbor Freight has all the tools for drilling, sanding, polishing, also small

vises for holding will make the job ez, & for cheap.

danny from mesa

luukfroling (author)DanielK332016-03-07

I'm kinda in the stage of live where i can't spent any money on tools :')

bluewatersgirl (author)2015-06-14

The little sander is neat. I'd like to see an instructible on that.

i made one :)

i might do that tomorrow :)

C-R-E-8 (author)2015-06-14

Love the little sander u made!!!

luukfroling (author)C-R-E-82015-06-14

thx because of that i could make it soft and pleasant to wear :'D

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Bio: my name is luuk, dutch boy, i can make all kind of things out of random stuff :p
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