3...2...1... blast off!

Take off like never before this Halloween in your very own flying rocket backpack costume!

You might have seen this costume blowing up the Internet last year. It was inspired by a costume from a Japanese game/variety show, as shown in the animated GIF here. I thought the costume idea was so great that I decided to try and make my own.

For my costume I wanted more, so I included separately controlled lights, moving parts, and added all kinds of details to my rocket pack. My costume also has a speaker system which plays a countdown and rocket blast off sound.

The rocket backpack forms a cavity which fits your hips and torso, allowing your real legs to act as the flame plume from the rocket exhaust. Prosthetic legs were made from PVC pipe wrapped in newspaper for mass. The legs were hinged at the knee, and could be lifted with with fishing line connected to my hands.

Here's a short video I made showing my rocket backpack costume in action with some of the details:

Ready to see how I put it all together? Let's make!

Step 1: Rocket Backpack - Contruction

Knowing that the rocket body had to be large enough to accommodate my hips and torso, I sketched out a few concepts of how my rocket would be constructed and how large to make it. I wanted my rocket backpack to be something more than just a silver cylinder for my body; I designed my rocket backpack after fighter jets and added a sleek design, and loads of details to interact with.

After a few sketches I had a rough idea of my design.

Rocket design including: high-vis paint areas, moving fans, operable lights, texture, and sound

The rocket structure is made with a cardboard cylindrical concrete forming tube (Sonotube), I used a 12" dia
meter tube. They usually sell 12' sections of tubing at a time. I measured the distance from my hips to the nape of my neck, and cut 2 sections of tube the same length.

The inside of the tubes has a non-stick coating, this will need to be taken into consideration when gluing the tube sections together, or any elements inside the tube.

After 2 tube sections were cut, a lengthwise cut was made on each tube. One end of the tube was curled inwards at an angle to form a tapered end. Having removed the non-stick coating from the overlapping curled tube, glue was applied along the overlap and held in place with adhesive tape until set. To ensure a good bond I left the tubes to site overnight.

The two tapered tubes were then glued together. To ensure they tubes stay attached thin gauge was passed between the tubes and cinched tight. More glue was applied and the tubes were left to dry overnight.

Don't worry about any scuffs, mars, dents or scratches on the tube, it adds to the character of the rocket when it's painted.
<p>Hi<br><br>Just wanted to say thank you for this great article. I not only spend about 15 hours effectively making this, but also went on to win for best costume. I've included some pictures of the final results and a video of me wearing it:<br><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/yYw_itzyVSo" width="500"></iframe><br>Best regards<br><br>/Brian<br><br></p>
Thanks so much for this! Made it for my son. Did it super last minute so it wasn't as detailed but he loved it and got tons of compliments.
<p>Wow, that's great! I'm thrilled your son enjoyed it, and thanks for sharing pictures. Enjoy the Pro Membership. </p>
Wearing skates would be the cherry on top.
Wow, that turned out awesome!
<p>I have a question and don't get me wrong, it's not to be negative or nitpick, but... how do you go to take a wee wearing the suit?</p><p>We celebrate carnaival where I live, with lots of dressing up and also lots of drinking.. If taking a leak is not too much of a mission/complicated - I might make this for myself for next year :D</p>
<p>Since it's just regular jeans underneath the flames, you just need to move the fake legs out of the way and then undo the fly. If you need to sit down on a toilet you're going to need to take most of the costume off. </p><p>You should try to make it, the reactions on people's faces is totally worth it! Please share pictures of your version, I'd love to see.</p>
<p>I love this so much! Best Instructable I've seen for ages!</p>
<p>how did you attach the legs</p>
<p>Try reading the last step, step 16. It gives instructions on how to put the costume on.</p>
<p>Do you know what the thing that make the flames are called?</p>
<p>Where did you find the thick garland for the flames?</p>
<p>I got those at the Dollar Store., but any party supply store would likely have them.</p><p>Good luck!</p>
<p>Love all the little details!! </p>
<p>Love all the little details!! </p>
<p>Hey, Mike, I just took this photo of my TV screen, and advert for Gifgaf mobile network.</p><p>Look familiar?</p>
<p>Still funny!</p><p>The design in this still looks more like mine than the inspiration I used. I'm flattered if they used this Instructable as a reference.</p>
<p>When the ad flashed up, I immediately thought; <em>Mike's costume!</em> I forgot there was another reference...</p>
Man, one of The best and must original customes that I have ever seen
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Thats so funny!</p>
<p>i love it!</p>
<p>This is AMAZING and I'm pretty dead set on doing it for Halloween this year. Do you think it can be done without the big cover-up tee shirt? I'm looking to do a retro space girl with the jet pack. Any tips are most appreciated! Will definitely share my picture if/when I get it completed!!</p>
Looks so real
<p>Best costume EVER! I can't wait until next year. I am doing this. Mark it down!!!</p>
Congrats on taking the top prize! Well deserved!
Fantastic costume. Very proud
That is super awesome, great costume! Your fake legs look way better than most I've seen. They've really got to get the subscriptions email fixed, I didn't even know you'd published this until I randomly stumbled across it today!
Wow - and to think I lived until the day we could all have Jetpacks !!. <br>My childhood dreams realised - at last I can die happy...
Amazing! You should of made it a jet pack joyride one thought :(
That is just epic.
Simply brilliant!
Well done!!! Keep up the good work!
How do I add a video to my Listing please help?! <br>
My what a big beard you have grandmother!
Dude, really?! you win at halloween! hahahha i love this beyond belief.
Picturing dressing as various characters from videogames or anime while wearing this... Jesse &amp;/or James from Team Rocket? Mafia Jinx from League of Legends? Ideas!
nicely done!
I had not seen this one before, but I love it. Thanks for sharing!
Wow, didn't realize it took so much work, totally worth the awesomeness though!
Haha cool!
Simply GENIAL.
This is amazing.
So awesome! You could also dress like George Michael from arrested development using this costume! :-)
This is the best thing I've ever seen, Mike. :D
I agree!!!!

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