Introduction: Rubber Bamd Ball (easy)

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this is a instructible on how to make a rubber band ball using tin foil and rubber bands the tin foil is for an easy start.

Step 1: Supplies

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supplies :tin foil and dont forget RUBBER BANDS

Step 2: Ball of Tin

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roll the tin foil into a ball and then get the rubber bands and ................................

Step 3: Adding Rubber

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then wrap the tin foil in rubber bands and then keep adding till you think it's done


Istoleinseinsocks (author)2011-03-14

Bamd! That was easy!
(sorry, couldn't resist)

what is bamd???

SicilianMafia (author)2011-03-15

This is just me, but I personally consider any core (other than rubber bands) is cheating.
How big in diameter is your rubber band ball currently at?

dont know i gave it to my lil cuz but it was at least as big as a basket ball but that one had 50 pounds of rubber bands at least and that one wuz pure ill try to do an instructible on a pure rubber band ball today

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