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A couple days ago I saw an "ible" about building a cover for a fog machine that looked like a casket and of course now I can't find it ! If it's your "ible" let me know so I can link you.   here it is !

That was the inspiration for the 1st open casket I built using foam board which I had recently rescued a large pile of from the trash. When my son in law saw it he suggested I make a couple for my daughters scare in this years haunt. After a little discussion we hit on a really gruesomely cool prop.

I'm not going to tell or show you here the final piece, you'll have to check out my Haunt "ible" after Halloween....

Step 1: Getting Started

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I started out with some large foam board sheets approximately 4'6x2'6 and cut out a couple of front and backs for a toe pincher coffin. I then cut a bunch of 4" wide strips. By the time I was done it was getting late so I went inside, when I came out the next day every thing had WARPED !  (I actually took ALL these pics after everything warped) I found a couple of heavy steel plates as weights and built around them

Step 2: The Sides

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I laid a strip against the bottom coffin shape and marked where I wanted a bend and scored the "outside". I then attached the side with strips of ducttape and moved on to the next piece until I had a box, I then ran hotglue around all the joints

Step 3: Inner Supports

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Because the 2 finished coffins are going to have to support a little weight I built a grid inside and hotglued it in place before adding the lid

Step 4: Not the Finish

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I went through my possibilium piles and found some styrofoam that I cut out a couple of crucifix shapes from and attached to the "lid" with more hot glue. A base coat of gray paint makes it look a little more aged and that's all I'm going to show in this "ible"


tinker234 (author)2012-02-25

wow amazing i have some marble spray paint i might use to make a textured stone look

l8nite (author)tinker2342012-02-26

Hi Tinker, thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment, one of these would look great with a stone look. The ones I built here worked well for the 4 nights of our HAUNT but unfortunately they warped before I got them stored away. Although they'll still work as individual props in a dark corner somewhere, I'm planning on remaking them from thin plywood for this years Haunt

tinker234 (author)l8nite2012-02-26

maybe add fiber glass

l8nite (author)tinker2342012-02-27

I think the material is just too flimsy, it's just foamcore board that I rescued from a dumpster. In my experience fiberglass is too expensive, too messy and takes too much sanding/cleanup for smaller projects like this, but then I don't work with it a lot. I can make more from a couple of interior doors and 1x6" for the sides in a couple of hours at most. If you check my 2011 haunt ible you can see the finished piece

tinker234 (author)l8nite2012-02-27

yeah i will take a look probably be easier to make one out of wood but foams the best thanks for helping me figure this out

l8nite (author)tinker2342012-02-27

the foam board is very easy to work with and I probably could have prevented the warping of the edges by building them up but I don't sit and plan or research most projects, I just dive in and try to work around or solve any problems. This entire project including painting only took a couple of hours. If you look at the 2011 haunt page there's a black baby casket that took longer to paint than it did to make.

scoochmaroo (author)2011-10-17

Sooo good.

l8nite (author)scoochmaroo2011-10-17

thank you scooch for the link and the comment.. Ive created a monster though, today my daughter had me build a 22" tall "baby" version 5" deep, oh well only took an hour start to final paint..

scoochmaroo (author)2011-10-17

Ooh, here it is:

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