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okay to start off i have tried all sorts of ways no make a marshmellow gun automatic and without costom makeing some sort of spring action thing in a machine shop i don't think there is a way. but heres a nice way to achieve simi auto-ness. now your probably going to say "well what aboutthis ? well thats closer to a shotgun dont you think?

Step 1: What You Will Need

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i have got two models one being the the rifle (in my opinion it works the best) and the submachine gun
heres what you need for a rifle ( all of this is 1\2 inch schedule 40 unless i say otherwise of course)
4 tees
1 45 degree
2 caps
about a 1 1\2' schedule 40 and the hopper is schedule 20 (more space in the pipe so the marshmallow can slid down) doesn't matter how long.
somthing to make holes in schedule 20 pvc pipe (like a power drill) hole cant be too big (see the pic)
wire to match the hole you made in the pipe (see the pic as well (that black thing sticking out of the hole)) you will need a whole ton of it believe me it gets used up quick (about 3 feet)
and of course mini marsh mellows.

Step 2: Assemble

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the proportions are not a big deal just look at the pic thats the rough design. i also have the sub machine gun down there if your interested.

Step 3: The Mag

Picture of The Mag

all righty now make holes about 3\4s of an inch apart through both sides (obviously). now cut the wire in to 2 1\2 inch segments. now its done. make sure you leave a gap of holes for the cap on the end and the tee piece on the gun at the bottom.

Step 4: Loading and Firing the Gun

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fit the mag into the gun and slip one of your wire segments in to the closest hole to the bottom (the bottom being the end in the gun) then drop a marshmellow down the mag at the top then slip another wire in at the hole above the marshmello and slid another marshmello in do this untill you reached the top and put the cap on now remove the bottom wire and the marshmellow will fall into the gun and you can blow (try to make it a quick burst of air) then the 2nd wire then the third and so on. as you will see it jams somtime but a lot less i can assure you then if you had no wires at all. and thats it.


xenongamer (author)2008-12-14

by looking at the magazine, it looks like you pull out each twist tie as you shoot them off. good idea.

whats that mean????

I'll just paraphrase.

The hopper, magazine, or thing that feeds marshmallows into the weapon, has twist ties holding back each marshmallow. By pulling out the twist ties, the marshmallows fall in. I thought it was innovative.

whitish (author)xenongamer2008-12-17

yep thats it

AzraelUK (author)whitish2010-07-18

Surely this is technically some kind of lever-action rifle rather than semi-automatic. If it were semi-automatic, you wouldn't have to do anything other than blow.

14guy (author)2011-01-22

you mean semi auto

bob the builder #1 (author)2008-05-30

where's the sub machine gun??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

yeah, where is it??????????? ????????????

toogers (author)DungMachine2009-09-27

excuuse me, princess!

the fifth picture in step 3. (please do i really need to break it down for you? its just pipes.)

Anton1995 (author)2008-03-27

It isn't simi its semi.

whitish (author)Anton19952008-03-28

wellExcuse me!

HuntingWabbits (author)whitish2009-08-31

Lol, the video is actually super-annoying. Thank God I didn't watch the whole thing.

video? what vid?!

Anton1995 (author)whitish2008-03-29

I just correct you.
And I am not a princess.

sgt. frog (author)2009-07-28

try putting a slip-joint 1/3 to 3/4 in adapter onto the t joint so that youd have a 3/4 mag which would allow for better ease of marshmallow flow

Archy (author)2009-07-07

You would be dizzy as hell after going through that mag.

mortso (author)2009-06-13

Nice, low tech design! Like it!

Thelonelysandwitch (author)2009-02-28

Why does the box say naked on it? btw, good job.

thats my magical nekkid box i keep nekkid things in

todroda (author)2008-08-22

use compressed air to make it a automatic gun

whitish (author)2008-08-03

I'm sorry it appears i have worded my previous comment inappropriately and have thus offended you. this was not the desired outcome, i simply meant to say that i did not think anyone would need instructions and that the picture would suffice, i appear to be wrong. thus i shall include instructions for the sub-machine gun.
about 2 feet 1/2 schedule 40 PVC pipe
1 1/2 inch 45 degree angle PVC fitting
2 1/2 inch T PVC fitting
1 1/2 inch CAP PVC fitting

cut the piping into a 7 inch section 2x 1 1/2 inch sections and a 4inch section

connect the 45 to a B End of a T (see below) with a 1 1/2 pipe section and with the other 1 1/2 pipe section connect the other T (end b to end b) . then twist the Ts so that the end C of each one is facing in an opposite direction (like shown below.). then take the 4 inch section and put it in C end of the T closest to the 45. and finally take the 7 inch section and stick it in the A end of the T Farthest from the 45. oh yeah and stick the end cap on the end of the 4".

Xander da gr8 (author)2008-06-01

It doesn't work because air seeps out of the holes you made to create the magazine. It was a pretty cool design though

whitish (author)Xander da gr82008-06-11

well it works for me just fine. the trick is to not let it slip too far ahead of the mag opening to the barrel, thus the marshmallow is the first thing your breath hits. although in an actually battle i have found that a speedy manually load (i.e puting the marshmallow in after each shot) from a seasoned marshmallow artist is still the fastest way. mostly because of the clogging that still happens far too often for my likeing (but its still waaaaayyyyy better then the without-wires mag!).

paperclip533 (author)2008-01-08

its a good mod but i still think the magazine without wires works fine. my AUG A-1 mod (in my profile) works fine with a magazine without wires. still awesome mod, i tried it and makes my marshmallows shoot at an even rate.

kenx_maniac (author)2007-08-13

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chickenliver123 (author)2007-08-02


NTOcomander #0 (author)2007-07-21

I can hardly see this as a viable solution to the magazine jamming problem but let me see if I understand, the wires are placed intermittently down the tube much like the hairs in your nose (on either side rather than across thus "trapping" the marshmallows as they fall down into the barrel.) I guess it may work then again... well good thoughts any way. Keep it up!

Metal4God (author)2007-07-20

first commemt yippee

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