Having a powerful portable lamp is very useful in makers life. Of course there are very good solutions which you can buy for few bucks, but time ago I loved to work wood, and I've made this nice spotlight stand. You can attack it on any surface and you can adjust the spot at the direction you like.

Step 1: The Joints

As I said main material here is wood :-)
Just cut four cylinders from an old broom handle, length could be about 4 cm.
Then you need a small wood board, at least 1 cm thick.
Make 6 mm holes in both ends of the cylinders, and also on a side of the board.
I've also glued on the bottom side of the board a rectangle of rubber of the right dimensions, to improve the adherence on any surface.
One of the cylinders has two little hole instead of a big one, they're to screw the spotlight holder, so measure the screws stem to find the right diameter. The groove made with a file is not essential, but it keeps the wood far from the hot glass of the lamp.
how do these joints stay tight? I'm assuming there are some tight tolerances to keep it from flopping around but moving it a couple dozen times will likely compress the wood to the point where the rods will fall out too easy.
Great design!
Simple. Clever idea!
So essential really. And such a clear explanation
thanks guys!
Nice design!
With some inst' you just need to look at the pics to know you hit invention at its best !
very nice! Looks great! <br>
i like it,mostly because of its adjustability (is it right or wrong? :D )

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