Simple cabinet led light with recycled power adaptor

Picture of simple cabinet led light with recycled power adaptor

Everyone has power adaptors that have no more use.

From old laptops, portable phones and all sorts of portable machines.

Don't throw them away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look for the 12volt and 9 volt adaptors.

We can use these as power adaptors with 12 volt led light strips.

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Step 1: What do we need ?

Picture of what do we need ?
An old adaptor  12 volt or less.

One or more led strips 12 volt.

Something to connect these.

Step 2: The adaptor

Picture of the adaptor

An old working adaptor 12 volt or 9 volt is suitable.
Because we use led strips that need 12 volt, these will give a little less light with a 9 volt adaptor.
Even less with a 6 volt adaptor.

When you look at the data of the adaptor on the picture,
we see that the output is 9 volt 500 mA.

How do you calculate the adaptors maximum power :

9volt x 500mA = 9volt x 0,500 A = 4,5 Watt

Step 3: The led strip

Picture of the led strip

you can buy lots of led strips, online, in an electro shop ...

just look for led strips 12 volt that you can connect easily.

With a wire at the end or as the one on the picture with two little metal pins at the end.

Remember the adaptors maximum power 4,5 Watt (500mA x 9V)

This particular led strip ( 0, 54Watt ) can be coupled, this means we can use no more than 8 strips coupled with this adaptor.

8 x 0,54 = 4,32 Watt

(To calculate this correctly we should use the resistance-value but this is more simple and safe too)

Step 4: Connecting

Picture of connecting

You can cut the wire of the adaptor at the desired length and connect it with the led strip by soldering.

Or with simple wire connectors, you can buy online, or in a shop. They cost less then a dollar for 10 pcs.

The one I used is a more advanced model, that fits the adaptors pin.

It is priced about 4 dollar. But I use these for other experiments too.

Jackal141210 months ago

Wonderful 'ible; love the recycling aspect.

I have a quick question. Is the adapter necessary? If I were to cut the end of the adapter and identify the + and - wires, could I just connect them to the appropriate wire of the LED strips, shrink wrap them, and go?

This would make the overall project cheaper at the cost of not being able to seperate the LED's from the power adapter.

zaksken (author)  Jackal141210 months ago

the connector is not necessary, you can connect the wires any way you choose ... read the first line of connecting

but the adaptor, you need