Everyone has power adaptors that have no more use.

From old laptops, portable phones and all sorts of portable machines.

Don't throw them away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look for the 12volt and 9 volt adaptors.

We can use these as power adaptors with 12 volt led light strips.

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

An old adaptor  12 volt or less.

One or more led strips 12 volt.

Something to connect these.
<p>Question....</p><p>I am doing something kind of similar. I am utilizing a 12 volt LED bulb assembly that I wanting to power with an old cordless phone charger. The LED is 12 volt and is 140 milliamps. The charger is 9 volt and 210 milliamps. Will this be enough to power this and will I need to worry about getting the milliamps down with a resistor? </p>
<p>Wonderful 'ible; love the recycling aspect.</p><p>I have a quick question. Is the adapter necessary? If I were to cut the end of the adapter and identify the + and - wires, could I just connect them to the appropriate wire of the LED strips, shrink wrap them, and go?</p><p>This would make the overall project cheaper at the cost of not being able to seperate the LED's from the power adapter.</p>
<p>the connector is not necessary, you can connect the wires any way you choose ... read the first line of connecting</p><p>but the adaptor, you need</p>

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