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Introduction: Small Powerful Torch From Dropper Bottle

I had got some droppers usually used in medical treatment of eyes, nose etc.

One of them was big enough to house three AAA batteries.

So I used a 1w or 3w led and turned it into a torch. Yet powerful and easy to keep in car for emergency purposes

Step 1: Size

Place a AAA battery and note the size. Bottle should be a few mm higher so that a small aluminum piece can be attached to led. The reflector would be attached outside.

Step 2: Cutting Bottle

After measuring at appropriate position cut it

Step 3: Reflector

Small key ring torches are available I used its reflector. Cut it from below than sand it(Be careful scratches can appear inside if done roughly). So that led can enter it

Step 4: LED and Switch

take the led and wire it. Solder it in after confirming its working as you want. Take a button and attach wires. A two step button can provide 2 power options HIGH/LOW

Step 5: Ending

Check it and complete by some finishing of rough edges. You can cover the front by some transparent plastic sheet.



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    Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this!