get a big buck big enough to fit around your victims head

Step 1: Load Your Weapon

fill the bucket as high as you want depends on how wet you want them to be

Step 2: Aim Almost Fire

carefully place the bucket on top of the door to where if someone were to come in it would fall on them     PS: whatever you do dont test it on yourself.
In my brother's dorm people would do this to new residents.&nbsp; Every single one of them saw it and carefully took the bucket down.&nbsp; Then they'd take the bucket and dump it in the sink, only to discover that the sink drain had been disconnected and all the water came out on their feet.<br />
they have to be going in side the room not out <br>the door has t be on the opposite side of the door way then the person entering <br>
Only reason I bother commenting on this is because no one else will. This is the lamest thing I have seen on this site, grow up poster.
well why dont you shut up cause i don see you making anything better and the only reason i did this i because someone was asking for the stupidest pranks ever

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