Steampunk Revolver





Introduction: Steampunk Revolver

wicked reinforced steampunk revolver

Step 1: Materials

-sand paper
-right snip or left snip (your choice i used right snip)
-random pieces of hard ware (bolts and stuff)
-paint (you choose what color)
-permanent marker
-hot glue gun and sticks
-leather (optional)

Step 2: Step 1

draw the outline of the gun on tin and cut it out be careful though tin can be very sharp in fact gloves would be a good idea

Step 3: Step 3

now sand down your tin using the sand paper or a file make sure that its dull enough so thaqt it dosent hurt anyone but if your lazy just wait till step 5

Step 4: Step 4

trace your tin shape on to card board about four times if your tin is a little wonky then bend it in to shape with your hands where gloves. once its traced cut all four shapes out

Step 5: Step 5

now that you have all the pieces traced out hot glue them all together if you didnt do step 3 glue all around the edeges so that theres no sharp tin coming out

Step 6: Step 6

remember that random hardware heres where it comes in handy bulk up your gun with a hole bunch of crap you can do this after painting if you want that would probably be easier but inpacient now is also time to put in the barell thingy i used to water bottle lids glued together but depending on the size of your gun you may have to find something else for the handle i glued on some leather

Step 7: Step 7

now its time to paint your gun i painted the handle of mine gold and the rest brown but the barell was black and the hole thing had some copper rubbed in, i went overboard painting mine but you dont have to



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    i was also going to use a lamp but i was in my room at 1:00 am

    a pikachu with a k, because i love pokemon why is yours a gun?

    because i love guns i guise i get your logic

    ps how old are u

    I have friends that like pokemon at 16-18. :P

    Yeah i got wierd friends but my friends and i are all anime freaks(otakus). So it's all good. :)