Tech Deck Ramp





Introduction: Tech Deck Ramp

About: hey Im really 10 I make rockets that go over 1000 feet, pull ring smoke bombs,bombs ect Im postig alot of stuff you will love it all! I love famliy guy stewie well take over the world one day!!

these are fun quick tech deck ramps

Step 1: What You Need

what you need:

5 game cases you can use 6 if you want i would

1 book i had a bible god rules!

Step 2: Ramp

make it

Step 3: The Ramp

make the ramp!

Step 4: Move the Ramp It

make it how you want



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    i am not be anti christian or athiest but i honestly dont belive in god and would like people to stop posting that stuff

    2 replies

    Back when the first came out, I was still a small time gamer, so it took me like 1 month. By the time #2 came out, I'd been a avid gamer for along time.(Plus KH is my addiction) So I beat that one in a week. Just finished getting 100% the other month. Now Im playing Re:Chain of Memories, but since it isnt that great I havent played it much. Only half way through.....Maybe I told you all too much.

    i like ratchet and clank, but they went downhill at their third one. (ratchet and clanck, up your arsenal)

    hey if you know riku... strat beating the game!!! at the end of kh Re: CoM u play as riku after sora!!! I unlocked it before my brother and he is a master at video games!!! So strat winning it!!!!! and which boss are u at know??? if u lend me your memory card ill beat sora's story for you. I'll have it finished in 2-4 weeks! :D-->---< stick figure!!!!!!!!!!!
    above is a stick figure <----------------

    I dont need help, the game is easy, I just dont like it that much.
    Reasons Being:

    Lack of voice acting for 75% of the game
    Math Involved
    It comes down to luck more than skill

    i had to selotape the cases 2gethr it works great though

    god rules and then you hav grand theft auto. LOL!!!~!!