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jetman404us6 years ago
Dude, Your projects are da bomb! Jetman
If you are going to make an instructable, please make a proper one.
Thank you?
no its not thank you, its please make a proper instructable the next time you are thinking of making one. make an interesting instructable and make it detailed.
They are detailed
yes i agree
icedog5157 years ago
dude ur awsome! rock on
funwithfire325 (author)  icedog5156 years ago
tomonto7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
funwithfire325 (author)  tomonto7 years ago
Help me choose!!!! please. PS3 or Dell laptop? Click on my name and, then click on my new forum topic to help me!
funwithfire325 (author)  Baron A6 years ago
Shifrin7 years ago
Hey, Funwithfire325, I'm making an instructable later this month on how to build a homemade rocket, Its really cool!,I think you should check it out later! -Shifrin
funwithfire325 (author)  Shifrin7 years ago
:-) I'm 11, almost your age