Temporary T-shirt Designs





Introduction: Temporary T-shirt Designs

This is a nice wee instructable creative, easy and rewarding
You'll need some crayons, sand paper, a t-shirt and an iron.
And I didn't take that picture but I thought it was a good design, cuz it's simple an impressive once it's done.

Step 1: Draw You Design

Useing the crayons,draw your design on the sandpaper( the finer the sandpeper the better it comes out, emery paper is probaly the best)
.:REMEMBER:. It's going to come out backwards so write letters and stuff backwards ,cheak in the mirror if you're not sure it's going to come out right.

Step 2: Ironing

Place the sandpaper roughside down, on the t-shirt then iron the smooth side.
I ironed it for too long(that's why there's no pics) and the paper stook to the t-shirt
but i have done it before, so trust me it works.

Step 3: -fin-

That's pretty much it:
just leave it to cool and it should last 3 to 5 washes but it will still leave a faint mark of the design, so dont plan to use the t-shirt without the iron-on design again.



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    oooh, IT WORKS GREAT! GOOOD JOB. too bad i accidentaly misspelled "screamo" while i was writing it on my sandpaper, but it came out nice!

    umm... what side of the sand paper do i draw on? rought side?

    Maybe you could learn to spell a bit better, and then work on your next project.

    NonPermissiveEnvironment, No one cares if you can spell right so back off, As long as we understand what he is saying and it makes sence whats the point, Your only making yourself look like an ass by saying it, and btw You need to work on your grammer, Becuase it SUCKS! Have a Nice day!

    His grammar was impeccable. Yours, on the other hand, was not.

    That granted, he is still right. Nobody here cares much. If we can understand it, we are happy. I do think, however, that without the few who chose to point out mistakes, forum sites and such would become much more boring. :)

    I just get really pissed when I get a headache trying to read what is meant to be useful information.
    Not that he didn't put some thought into this, I know he did, and I respect him for it, but it gets on my nerves that's all.

    Look ,spelling isn't my strong point, it's should be easy enough to make out what I'm trying to say. . . regardless of my bad spelling.