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Introduction: The Pencil Drone

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Things That Fly Challenge

The aim of this project is to demonstrate that ordinary things can fly. All (or almost all) can fly!

To demonstrate this, I selected objects that can be found in any desktop.

What's most ordinary than a pencil and an eraser? Can a pencil fly?

Yeah! Let's prove it!

Take the things and the tools. Here we go!


The reference of commercial components are:

- H107-A03 Main Motor Set (6.31$)

- H107-A43 Circuit Board (17.68$)

- H107-A35 Main Blades (2.99$)

- H107-A24 Battery (2.79$)

- H107-A06 USB Charger (1.95$)

- H107-16 Transmitter (16.71$)

Are cheaper. You can find it in online stores.


Step 1: Cut the Materials

Cut the pencil, the plastic card and the eraser.

Step 2: Motors Support

Drill the eraser pieces, to create the motors supports.

Step 3: Assembly Motors

Assembly the motors in the eraser pieces.

Step 4: Relax Time

Sorry, but I need a relax time.

Step 5: Electronics

Weld the motor wires to the electronic board.

Step 6: Arms Assembly

Assembly the pencil parts (the arms) to the eraser pieces.

Step 7: Body Assembly

Cut the plastic card, and glue it to the pencil arms.

Step 8: Fix Electronics

Glue the electronic and motor wires to the drone structure.

Step 9: Propellers

Assembly the propellers.

Step 10: Battery

Place the battery, and hold it with the elastic band.

Step 11: Enjoy It

Before to fly, remember to adjust your transmitter values.

Enjoy your pencil drone!

Step 12: Thanks!

Remember to vote this project.

Thank you!

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Questions & Answers


Oww it is a good project, is it neccesary the code for that project?

do i need a flight conroller?

hi I want to make this drone but I want it without circuit

Hey Dooit,
The link of the H107-A43 Circuit Board, the H107-A06 USB Charger and the H107-16 Transmitter is always directing me to a page on Ali Express which says "This item is currently not available for purchasing." Can you please give me another link for me??
Thanks a million!

Hey dooit! Whenever i click the H107 - A43 circuit board link it directs me to Ali express where its written "This item is currently not available for purchasing."Can you please giveme another link?

Hey Justin!

Congratulations and thanks for your comment.

I love to know that you spent a good time during your manufacturing.

Please share it, send us a picture. I will be glad to see it!

Thanks again

thanks for your coments!