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Introduction: Trash to Shelter

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I know there are a couple similar "ibles" out there. in fact a recent one was the inspiration for this build, that and the fact that I found a large amount of pvc pipe on the trash. Some of you may recall my obsession with Haunting my yard for Halloween  We use portable carports for the Haunted House, this Experimental build was to see if this type of "tunnel" would work

Step 1: Contemplate

My first step was to stare at this mess of pvc pipe I found and brought home, hmmmmm, those 1" pipes could make a hoop house... Those 2" pieces could make supports. I should explain that here in Florida driving stakes into the sand doesn't give much support unless your using a screw type mobile home tiedown stake 3 or 4 feet in the ground.

Step 2: Getting Started

I cut a couple of sand spikes from the 2" pipe about 20" long ( a sand spike is usually used by surf fisherpeople to hold their fishing poles, its a piece of plastic pipe with one end cut at an angle and occasionally a slot for the reel) I then drove the "spikes" into the ground. (Next time I need to remember to measure and use a straightedge !) Then I placed the lenghts of 1" pipe into the "spikes" to form hoops. I didn't want to cut the pipe or go get connection pieces so I grabbed some odd pieces and duck taped them as support

Step 3: D+

Ok so I threw an old plastic tarp over the hoops (here's where those of you who plan everything out and measure twice may have the advantage) it sort of worked....

Step 4: Extend It !

Ok it doesn't take a lot of imagination to realize I needed another hoop and a better way to attach the tarp. I grabbed a short piece of 1" pipe and using a dremel with a cut off wheel removed about 1/3 from one side and then cut out 1-2" pieces, yes a table saw would have been easier but I don't have one, Next time I'll cut the pieces to length before cutting them open. Then I added another hoop, the "clamps" I just described making clip over the pipe hoop with the tarp between them

Step 5: Conclusion

Well this was just a test build and I realize that even though this structure stood up to a fairly fierce thunder storm I need to cut the pipe and use some T connectors at the center ridge and perhaps on both sides, also some tie ropes front and rear would probably help. Now its time to take it down and clean up some of this mess Ive made. I have about a half hr build time involved not including going back and forth across the yard to get more material or stopping to take pictures



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    Like !! With a little fine tuning I could find some uses for this, firewood for example. I also like the clip idea... Cheers.

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    thank you for commenting. I've used this idea a lot for short term cover/shelter, for longer use I cross the center hoops for better support in the rain

    this would make for a very useful temporary shelter when working on your car, boat, motor bike, etc...

    I like how you made the clips...
    I like the whole thing actually. very enjoyable read. TY for sharing.

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    your right, it could be a good shelter for a lot of situations.. thank you for leaving a comment

    thank you, My son actually put this to use a couple of days ago when he needed a place to paint cabinets for a job, drove the stakes in on either side of the driveway threw up the hoops, used clear plastic for the walls and floor, VIOLA' spraybooth !

    Hi ! If you go to my home page and look for my How to haunt a yard "ibles" there are some pics of the arbor (its right behind the drawbridge) This structure would make a good temporary shed, with a smaller tarp it could be a picnic shelter, the poles are to long and unwieldly to make a convenient camping tent but when I cut the poles and add lateral supports that would change..hmmmm a 10x20x7' "tent" for under $70... Thank you for taking the time to comment ...

    thank you for leaving a comment. Its not so much the recyling as repurposing material for other than what it was originally intended. I rescued a chainlink dog enclosure, its now an arbor, happily supporting jasmine and wisteria over my walkway