I know there are a couple similar "ibles" out there. in fact a recent one was the inspiration for this build, that and the fact that I found a large amount of pvc pipe on the trash. Some of you may recall my obsession with Haunting my yard for Halloween https://www.instructables.com/id/Our-2010-Haunted-House-with-ideas-from-Instructabl/  We use portable carports for the Haunted House, this Experimental build was to see if this type of "tunnel" would work

Step 1: Contemplate

My first step was to stare at this mess of pvc pipe I found and brought home, hmmmmm, those 1" pipes could make a hoop house... Those 2" pieces could make supports. I should explain that here in Florida driving stakes into the sand doesn't give much support unless your using a screw type mobile home tiedown stake 3 or 4 feet in the ground.
Like !! With a little fine tuning I could find some uses for this, firewood for example. I also like the clip idea... Cheers.
thank you for commenting. I've used this idea a lot for short term cover/shelter, for longer use I cross the center hoops for better support in the rain
this would make for a very useful temporary shelter when working on your car, boat, motor bike, etc...<br><br>I like how you made the clips...<br>I like the whole thing actually. very enjoyable read. TY for sharing.
your right, it could be a good shelter for a lot of situations.. thank you for leaving a comment
Good job!
thank you, My son actually put this to use a couple of days ago when he needed a place to paint cabinets for a job, drove the stakes in on either side of the driveway threw up the hoops, used clear plastic for the walls and floor, VIOLA' spraybooth !
Oooooooooooh I'd love to see the arbor as well. The shed looks really good. <br>Way to go. Cool up-cycling!
Hi ! If you go to my home page and look for my How to haunt a yard &quot;ibles&quot; there are some pics of the arbor (its right behind the drawbridge) This structure would make a good temporary shed, with a smaller tarp it could be a picnic shelter, the poles are to long and unwieldly to make a convenient camping tent but when I cut the poles and add lateral supports that would change..hmmmm a 10x20x7' &quot;tent&quot; for under $70... Thank you for taking the time to comment ...
Good idea. Recycling is always a good thing.
thank you for leaving a comment. Its not so much the recyling as repurposing material for other than what it was originally intended. I rescued a chainlink dog enclosure, its now an arbor, happily supporting jasmine and wisteria over my walkway

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