i have been scouring the internet with a digital fine toothed comb and i have finally come out nwith a successfull method  to create a tron legacy suit for any of the characters in the film or any wacky costume design you can come up with.this is an easy way with no injection moulding or laser cutting instead a hot glue gun and foam i will be making zues/caster's costume for those of you who have seen the pictures and read the tron.wiki youll know that caster is a very johnny depp esque character. and has quite a basic but amazing looking costume  PS IF YOU WANT THE NORMAL CHARCTERS VERSION IT WILL BE UPLOADED SOON :)

you will need

foamies or funky foam
foam board
a box cutter
hot glue gun
quite a few refills for the hot glue gun
some el wire in a colour of your choice (can be bought on ebay very cheaply)

Step 1: Layer 1 :skin Tight

every thing is going to be done in layers and this is the first one ... now if you would want to go all out and spring for a headless black zentai suit then that would definetly work however for caster i am going to make the jacket from total scratch to get the right look other wise you could use some thermal legings and a shirt to replicate the skin tightness ( if you have a manikin then go for it and put it on it -this will definetly help you get a good size idea when making armour pieces in the next few steps
pretty cool<br>

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