im sure most of you have small stereo speakers laying around the house that are broken or just useless to you. but a cool thing about speakers and microphones is that they are practically the same thing. in this simple instructable i will show you how to use ANY speaker as a mic.
*note: headphones work too*
Materials needed:
XLR cable
1xDecent sized speaker

Step 1: Strip your XLR cable

the first thing you need to do is strip your XLR cable. inside the cable you should find a positive wire, a negative wire, and a ground (the only wire that doesnt have rubber around it. this wire will not be used"


<p>Good job! Definitely easy for scavengers. I'm assuming you can connect it to a standard audio jack as well. Have you tested the quality though? Is it better to use this or buy a microphone? I like the concept though.</p>

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