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i like to tinker with computer stuff and anything electronic so i decided to take apart an old cell phone and give it a new purpose

i took 4 flash drives and mounted them in the slide part of the phone and jbwelded them in so its more of a permanent thing

two 4gig flash drives
two 2gig flash drives
2007 samsung i760
jb-weld compound
x-acto knife 

i dont know what else to do, im open to suggestions :)


thealeks (author)2011-12-27

you should have added a usb hub to it so you'd have a single usb to plug in, as it looks like it'd be rather difficult(without one of those usb extension cords) to plug into a computer. awesome tho

ham91185 (author)thealeks2011-12-28

i did it this way because i lose them all the time.. lol and i always remember to grab my cell phone before school so its a better reminder for me and i have plenty of female usb cords

and thanx!

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