made this for my wife for her she like it and also show to friends they also like it to
<p>How did you attach the 4&quot;x4&quot; uprights to the bottom boards? I see the bolts for the sides, but how did you attach the uprights? Did you just use lag bolts from the bottom? </p>
<p>What size bolts or screws did you use?</p>
Where is the full plan
Awesome, I might make a couple of these for my folks and the actual hammock too.
Is there not step by step plans for this?
hank for all your comments here the plans which i got from kaway27 on the same site
Correction - 45 degrees and 90's.
I think one would have to build according to the length of the hammock and chains. My hammock requires at least a 12' spacing between posts. It is a Mayan type - no spreader bars. The angles are 40's and 90's.
This is a nice looking stand. I posted the link on www.hammockforums.net <br> <br>http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=52945
I don't like it....... I love it! and plans would be nice thanks
I second @SeaSkyShore plans would be awesome. Looks stable and easy to build.
Looks fantastic and very well done! I would love to build one myself, any chance you can share the plans?
That's awesome! Looks very sturdy. :D

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