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this is my wooden pistol crossbow
it uses a bamboo prod/bow
it can fire about 30ft
it will go into a wooden plank easily
it is very fun for target practice


Xthinker (author)2012-09-08

You are one of the few people that actually know how a bow/ crossbow work! They DO NOT use a rubber band. I congratulate you sir.

check my other crossbow! :D

goldedrago (author)2012-01-27

oh and what type of wood did you use?

for the bow : split bamboo
for the rest : normal hardwood (but any will work)

like bamboo pipe? it tried that but for some reason it didn't work i heard pvc pipe would but i was going for a more permmanint so would like plywood work as a bow?thanks!

the bow was multiple lairs of bamboo that gets smaller and thiner and if you split the pvc pipe it could work but im not sure.
also i dont think plywood would work
ps. thanks for all the feedback

goldedrago (author)2012-01-26

sweet dude thanks!!! this helps alot!!!! i'm going to make one following!and if you have a youtube heres mine once i'm done i'm going to post a vid here and i will give credit to you!thanks again!

no prob
its nice to have helped :)

ilpug (author)2011-07-24

this is pretty much pointless to post. it tells me nothing about how to make it

This is not for you to build it is to give ideas to people and btw it is not hard to build from pics it is a pretty simple crossbow
Just look at the pics and make your own from the ideas
The bow is a split piece of bamboo
The trigger is a right angle chunk of board that pushes the string off of the notch
Thats about it

clarkdogs69 (author)2011-07-20

did you make it yourself ? how did you make it

yes, I made it with a split piece of bamboo and nylon string
the bow is held on with normal string but I had to tape around the bamboo to stop it from breaking

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