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Hi I am form Norway.

My first attempt at making wooden sunglasses was 4 years ago, but that attempt did not succeed very well. But about half a year ago I finally succeeded. My research in the project started basically from scratch. At the beginning I had only a very basic homebuilt cnc(I still use) it and no clue about how to program it, neither how to draw in a CAM/CAD software. But now as I am 18 years old I know a lot more :P, have more experience, but my English is still rusty.

I have developed a design witch looks and works very well. The shape of the shades is similar to the oakley frogskins , infact it uses the same lenses. Naturally that is also the reason they look similar.
I think I have spent more than 30 hours developing the final usable design. The same design I will be posting here, in all the formats I have available. Please feel free to use my design, I only made it for fun. I am making this step by step guide so more people can use my design, and make cool wooden glasses.

This instructable is based on the use of a cnc machine. It is also possible to make the shapes with a laser cutter, or by hand, but then you must change the design a litte bit.

1: Order leneses
. i recomend using high end lenses. The lenses i have used are oakley frogskins lenses. Therefore i recomend ordering them if you are using my plans. When it comes to color i recomend using either black, brown or gray. Vibrant colors will draw attention away from the wood, and is therefore not suitable. I recommend polarized lenses, but it is not a must.

here is a link displaying available frogskinns (replica) lenses on ebay.
These might be a bit expensive, but I strongly recommend using quality lenses.

1.5 Order/salvage hinges
You will need hinges, obviously. I found this site selling hinges suitable for wooden sunglasses. I think all the models in the link can be used. I think these would work best with my design (TH-24 5.0mm) or something similar.

Or you can buy a pair of “cheap plastic sunglasses” with metal hinges, and loot the hinges. This is what I have done with almost all the pairs I have made. The exception is when I used spring hinges on the oak pair, but this was not a success. Because the hinges were lacking a friction surface therefore the hinges did not stick to the wood.
The metal hinges salvaged from “cheap sunglasses” do have “hooks” witch makes them suitable for inserting in wood, but they are quite hard to mount correctly. This I will be covering later.

note: not all the pictures are form the same pair of glases.

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steverbeaver95 made it!12 days ago
Your instructable inspired me to make my own!!!
elliotnash2 months ago

These glasses look really cool, but aren't they somewhat heavier than plastic ones?

sabladask (author)  elliotnash2 months ago

thanks! . They are actually much lighter. In fact most plastics used inn sunnglass frames have a density above 1g/mm^3, for example Cellulose acetate which has a density of 1.84g/mm^3. Wood has in general a lower density than 1g/mm^3 for example wallnut which i have used in moust of my wooden frames has a density of 0.6g/mm^3.

Well, that's interesting to know. So, how come all glasses are not made from wood then? I guess plastic is less expensive?

yes, that's true, while you make 1 wooden sunglasses in plastic you can make more than 20 a time or more.

evansabrokwa@gmail.com is my email.
evansabrokwa@gmail.com is my email.
evansabrokwa@gmail.com is my email.
evansabrokwa@gmail.com is my email.
I'm from Ghana.How do I contact you.I want you to teach me in person.please reply as soon as possible
Lankylee761 month ago
It looks like you are using wood laminate flooring for your wood is that correct?
Id like to shake your hand sir, and one day give you a job.
Federico19857 months ago

I can't download the .dxf file to use with cambam. Could you send it by email? Tank you in advance

My email address is
Federico19857 months ago
I can't download the .dxf file to use with cambam. Could


Unfortunately, I can not find the file attachment. Can you please send with them via email?

I would like to try the glasses mill in granite.

yours sincerely

Benjamin Kramer


TwignDberry8 months ago
Sir, would you be interested in cutting me a set of frames, I will gladly pay you for your time. I have some Koa wood that would look amazing.
ardnon8 months ago
Incredible, I love seeing plastic things made from wood instead
ewout.warringa10 months ago


I want to make a sunglasses and i want to use your files. the DXF files for autocad. I can't open it. Can you send me the files to ewoutjan@yahoo.com.

I want to make it with my students on a school in the Netherlands. Thank u

AnaA310 months ago

Hi, i can't find the files for the laser. can someone help me?

GastonD1 year ago

Just beautiful, thank for sharing!

clyde frog made it!1 year ago

Great project! Lots of good advice but I did it a little differently. I already had frames and just wanted to replace the temples. I traced out the profile I wanted on 4mm thick sheets of oak (which I resawed) and roughly cut it with a band saw then sanded it down. Instead of laminating, I bent each temple with clamps and a heat gun. I made the hinges out of the same oak and salvaged screws from some cheap sunglasses. Lastly, I finished with an oil stain and polyurethane. I had fun making them.

sabladask (author)  clyde frog1 year ago

thanks!. Your glasses and temples looks professional. how is the bend holding up agenst time? the hinges looks nice:)

The bend is holding up so far. It relieved very slightly (doesn't hold the exact curve of the mold) but still very good. I actually tried lamination, as you recommend, and it worked but I made a few mistakes during the process and it didn't look pretty. So I used the heat gun on my second attempt because I thought it would be less hassle. And it was.

eamadeus1 year ago
Hva brukte du slags oppskrift for hjemmelaget CNC? Which instructable did you use for your selfbuilt CNC?

These are unbelievably cool!

stumitch1 year ago

Your design is great! Well done. I am having a tough time downloading the cad/dxf files though. Am I the only one? :-)

I had trouble downloading the cad files from my work computer. I got on my android phone downloaded it from the m.instructables.com and sent it via email so I could download and open it on my computer. I imagine that your computer firewall may be blocking traffic. i hope this helps.

sabladask (author)  stumitch1 year ago

Thanks, I have now uploaded the files in dxf and dwg 2007 versions. These files are named “frogskinns all pieces
dwg/dxf 2007” I think these files will work, but keep me posted if they don’t.

Jeizee1 year ago

Hi Sabladask, what an awesome Job you did here. The way you explain each step is nothing but clear. I'm trying to make my self a pair of wooden sunglasses since a long time ago, but I haven't found how to. I will try now using your instructable and I thank you for that. What I can't find is the .pdf files you talk about during the explanation. If you can tell me how can I get them would be cool. Thanks again in advance.

PD. Your English was pretty good, forgive mine, I'm writing from Venezuela.

cmejia41 year ago

where is it the files?

sabladask (author)  cmejia41 year ago

they are in step2 in many different formats

cmejia41 year ago

where is the files ??

AARENAARON1 year ago

very stylish


sathit1 year ago


Mihsin1 year ago

Did you fix a price to these glasses? I'd say $300.00 is a modest one.

Excellent craftsmanship.

sabladask (author)  Mihsin1 year ago

Thank :D I am currently not interested in
selling them. I enjoy new projects more than being stuck with making the same
thing many times. I made this guide to
shear my experience and inspire people.

These are beautiful! great Job!

Hi, I tried opening your ipt file in inventor. I'm planning to make a pair, but instead of plying the frame from sheets of wood, I want to route it on a 4-axis cnc-outer, but i need to bend it and and some features. The problem is that I can't edit your file in inventor. Here's a picture of the problem. Do you know how to fix it?

sabladask (author)  JeppeMikkelsen1 year ago

I think the
file is in inventor 2014, maybe that is the problem? I will look into it, and
see if I can upload some other format.

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