Picture of zombie makeup
easy diy zombie makeup.

i wanted to thank everyone for the comments and even more for posting photos of your finished makeup projects.  its so cool to come back to this site every year and see what people have done with an idea i just came up with one day. 


Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
1. liquid latex
2. bruise wheel or one of those package deals with a couple colors.
3. toilet paper (1ply)
4? creepy music to get you in the mood >:]
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akhan403 years ago
agerbrandt13 years ago
Just an FYI that you mind find handy so you don't pull out all the hair on your face:
Take a glue stick... like the kind you use in grade school. Cover any hair that latex will be near (for instance, this year, I'm going to be a gunshot zombie, so my eye is all F-d up - lots of latex involved) - eyebrows especially will be spared and makes taking off the latex far easier. Easy, cheap, effective. Love your make-up work, btw. :)
corsi5 years ago
so about how much time will this take because i only have 3 hours to get ready for a party. also about how much liquid latex will this take. i might need to get more. love the thing you do
zombiecore (author)  corsi5 years ago
should only take about 20 or 30 minutes.  you dont need that much latex since your just dabbing it on.
im going to do this for Halloween and am buying Ben Nye latex, do you know how much i should get?? Please HELP!!! LOVVEEE this effect!!!
mcneilre3 years ago
I LOVE this effect and am thinking of doing this for Halloween but dont know what size latex to buy, any help??
cleage0014 years ago
Your ears are more like frightening than the makeup.
You don't like stretching?
cassinabox4 years ago
I also carried a bottle of karo blood around with me and spat it out on myself occasionally.
Many people were grossed out and some good friends couldn't look at me directly for more than a second :)

Thanks for the awesome tutorial, here are some pictures of my outcome :
I too just wanted to say thanks for this awesome tutorial, I've added pics of what I did with it.... I had to do a dead school girl for the haunted house I was working, and my main halloween costume was to be a half burnt wtich...its the same make up on the same night and it looked great as the night progressed. my friends took a narly picture of me peeling it off but I don't have it handy to show off lol. But I just want to say... Thank you! once more.
magmum1324 years ago
Great tutorial keep up the good work
706294 years ago
where can you buy liquid latex

Ebay is usually cheapest, however you can get it in craft shops - it's used for making moulds of things. It'll come in a bottle and is white.
xXDJ_MKXx4 years ago
nice gauge
wat size r u @
if it gets on your eyebrow or other facial hair, will the latex pull it out upon removal???
It does a little.. I ended up latexing over an entire eyebrow this halloween and when I peeled it off, it yanked out maybe 6 hairs.
would it ruin the process to put a lubricant on hair to prevent the sticking? what lubricant would work? I would imagine if you could just cover the hair (beard, 'stach, sideburns, etc) with lubricant but the immediate surrounding area was normal, then there would be a base to build on... no?

It wouldn't ruin it, no. Not as long as you still had some clean, dry skin around the entire area to stick your edges to. But say.. along a sideburn, that might be a little difficult.. anywhere around the edge of your face might not be possible. Beards, eyebrows and mustaches would be much easier, though, I think. More room to get around the lubed up areas. (I would use petroleum jelly or chapstick, something like that.)
Yes, it will pull the hair out though it won't pull it out completely like wax does. It does not feel good pulling it off the peach fuzz either, but it is a moderately easy procedure!
ostomesto4 years ago
i am a 12 year old kid and plan on doing this for halloween. but i dont get step 3. it says to dab the toilet paper on. does that mean just stick it to the latex. or dab at it like your trying to get some off. i dont get what you mean. please help and make a more detailed instructions for step 3 and the rest because i have never used latex before.
dab means to lightly push the toilet paper on the latex not fully press it :)
k thanks, i already tried it out and it works great, very freaky. i am going to destroy my schools costume contest :)
can you use the latex mask a second time after pulling it off ?
zombiecore (author)  lukas_goossens4 years ago
ya use spirit gum. it might not look as good as it did before but itll work.


You sound like an unmotivated zombie...
zombiecore (author) 4 years ago
Halloween is coming up soon so Im looking forward to seeing some more photos of what youve done to yourselves with my tutorial. EAT BRAINS!
I used this method to build up skin around the fake stake. It worked very well. I used an injury stack for the scabbing and base. I added some fake blood to give it the wet bleeding look. Scared a lot of people that night.

Thanks for the awesome instructable!
zombiecore (author)  mracarpenter4 years ago
rad! \m/
IT LOOKS SO REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
impressive photos...
mary candy4 years ago
knexfan1005 years ago
before i buy that liquid latex, how does it come off??????
I'm in Australia can someone tell me where i can buy some liquid latex from.
Most costume shops and good magic shops sell them.
thanks, this is much appreciated
I got mine from a hardware store and again from a arts and crafts store.  In either place it will be listed as mold builder because it can be used to make highly accurate small scale molds.
zombiecore (author)  chibiwind5 years ago
you usually can get some at any costume shop.   if not order it online.
zombiecore (author)  knexfan1005 years ago
you just peel it off.  be careful not to get it in your hair.
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