Zombie Makeup





Introduction: Zombie Makeup

easy diy zombie makeup.

i wanted to thank everyone for the comments and even more for posting photos of your finished makeup projects.  its so cool to come back to this site every year and see what people have done with an idea i just came up with one day. 


Step 1: Materials

1. liquid latex
2. bruise wheel or one of those package deals with a couple colors.
3. toilet paper (1ply)
4? creepy music to get you in the mood >:]

Step 2: Step 1

dab latex lightly over selected area. you dont want to put to much or else it might clump. this is just a thin layer so the toilet paper sticks to the skin. its up to you to decide how much of an area your going to work on.

Step 3: Step 2

now before the latex drys youll want to put a sheet of toilet paper over it. for a more realistic effect tear the edges off. gently dab the toilet paper on top of the latex. dont worry about the toilet paper wrinkling a bit it sometimes actually looks better that way. repeat step 1and 2 if you plan on making a gaping wound.


[latex over the eye]
only dab latex around the eye ie (above eyebrow, cheek, temple, side of nose). before it drys put 2 sheets of toilet paper over it so that only the edges of the paper are stuck down. this prevents the latex getting in your eye. after it drys off gently dab on some latex over my eye with a sponge or some sort of makeup applier. the 2 plys of paper should keep the latex from seeping through. just be careful.  if your kind of weird about having one eye closed for a long period of time be careful and poke a hole through the latex.  small enough to where you can see.  put some black makeup on your finger and gently dab around your eyelid to keep the illusuion that you have no eyeball.

[torn mouth effect]
follow the instructions up top but cover your whole mouth. once it drys just open your mouth. its that easy.

Step 4: Step 3

once the latex is dry you can go to town with your makeup. its really all up to you on how disgustingly gorey you want to look. if your making a wound youll need some fake blood from the costume shop or a batch you made yourself. i say more blood the better. now go out and eat brains!

Step 5: Examples



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    Just an FYI that you mind find handy so you don't pull out all the hair on your face:
    Take a glue stick... like the kind you use in grade school. Cover any hair that latex will be near (for instance, this year, I'm going to be a gunshot zombie, so my eye is all F-d up - lots of latex involved) - eyebrows especially will be spared and makes taking off the latex far easier. Easy, cheap, effective. Love your make-up work, btw. :)

    so about how much time will this take because i only have 3 hours to get ready for a party. also about how much liquid latex will this take. i might need to get more. love the thing you do

    should only take about 20 or 30 minutes.  you dont need that much latex since your just dabbing it on.

    im going to do this for Halloween and am buying Ben Nye latex, do you know how much i should get?? Please HELP!!! LOVVEEE this effect!!!

    I LOVE this effect and am thinking of doing this for Halloween but dont know what size latex to buy, any help??

    Your ears are more like frightening than the makeup.

    You don't like stretching?

    I also carried a bottle of karo blood around with me and spat it out on myself occasionally.
    Many people were grossed out and some good friends couldn't look at me directly for more than a second :)

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial, here are some pictures of my outcome :