A Magical Effing Unicorn

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Sorunome3 years ago
I like your avatar :3
Sharir17013 years ago
Thanks for the sub! Anything you liked in particular?
Hey bro. I haven't herd from you in a while. Where ya been?
I've decided to quit Instructables. I really don't have the time (or energy) to post anymore. I'll still probably post once in a while, actually, but for the most part, I won't be around much. I still have a lot of K'nex stuff I want to build, though. Soooooooo......
Awe, that is too bad. You were only on here for such a short time. Well, happy trails, partner. =D I hope to see something from you sooner than later.
Awe cummon man...a broney?
What's wrong with them?
Okay then, but I got my eye on you... ... ...
XD. What do you have built currently?
Stiil most of the peacekeeper. Haven't gotten around to build something new. Probably tomorrow (black ops 1, portal 2 and today a drawing took most of my after school-free-time)
Alright. BTW, I hear a lot about Portal 2, is it fun to play?
Yeah, I really like it. It's a sort of puzzle game, in which you solve them with portals, as the name suggests. I can't really explain it, so here's two videos that show a bit what it is:
Sounds awesome. =D
Yep :D