AP Digital light

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Hi Robot...

am very much interested about your blog... and also poor mans laser kit.... do you sell the KIT... if so what would be the prize... am doing an project for my client i think this will help me to impress some thing different... can you send me full product cost ASAP...
C.D335 years ago
I have the same question as the previous individual. I would love to be able to do this on my own but have no time. If possible I would like the preprogrammed board that can store patterns and such. Please contact me asap at rmwill08@louisville.edu if you are still able to send components of spirographs. Thank you.
Grimling7 years ago
Hey , i wanted to ask if it is possible to buy the programmed board . I am working on an art project for a festival and i would love to implant your lasers in my work . I can get the other parts as the fans , the housing etc. but i am not smart enough to fix the board .. Please contact me on grimm.vg@gmail.com Thx.
That is about the poor mans laser ;)
Jake Morton7 years ago
can you send me a list that contains everything i need to build the curcuit board and program it. just a list and i can figure out how to put it together myself
AP Digital light (author)  Jake Morton7 years ago
There's archive on step 2 containing:
- schematic;
- BOM;
- HEX (PIC18F1320 version);
- PCB;
- PCB in AutoCAD format
- source code for CCS compiler.

jhazam10238 years ago
zup.. can u give me the no. of capacitor with voltage, resistor with amp. and potentiometers, and other part you mention and how to put them all to the board, and can u give me some easy way of procedure or instruction to how to built that thing,step by step, bcause i can't really understand the procedure you made. _ pls... send me a mail to my address ill wait to your reply. thnks and more power!!! my e-mail: jhazam1023@yahoo.com.ph