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hinagiku3 months ago

türk buldum galiba :O

Akin Yildiz (author)  hinagiku3 months ago

evet.. cok var ama baska daha, bende denk geliyorum arada bir ama seni tahmin etmezdim :)

hadi ya gerçi doğrudur isim bi garip :D

confu3 months ago

Replied to your comment on my instructable:

Somehow it wasn´t noticed as a reply to your comment by the system, so you probably got no notice.
So feel free to check back, Regards, Confu

Triclaw3 months ago

hey congrats on making the newsletter great job there finaly get some light shined your project

Akin Yildiz (author)  Triclaw3 months ago
lol, do you mean get featured? i don't think i'm on the newsletter, at least not on the one I received last.. you are making me very nervous now, did i miss it?!

no man , well it is featured but your tomato lights are in the newsletter I recived last nite really in the newsletter I cant find the link on the site but if you pm your email ill send it to you

Akin Yildiz (author)  Triclaw3 months ago

waaat, i just got my newsletter e-mail ! thank you so much..! wow :)

Gabry2955 months ago

Thanks for the following! :)

Thank you for following!

Vote if you liked it - unless you're in the same contest ;)

Triclaw5 months ago

thanks for the follow