• How to supercharge air gun with things in you can find in your local pantry

    The goal of this is not to lubricate the gun. It is to produce a detonation. This is a very easy (if damaging) way to increase pellet velocity as needed, while enabling you to keep sub-sonic velocity most of the time. As I'm sure you know, as you are evidently very smart, pellets travelling supersonic speeds are rather unstable. Thus supersonic airguns are quite inaccurate. The ability to raise speed to supersonic for a single shot (say, for vermin hunting) is useful. A full tuneup and spring replacement is a permanent change, and limits the range of capabilities.I would never do this on a several-hundred-dollar gun. That would be a terrible idea. It's a fun trick for a low-end rig like the Beeman RS2, though.It's also worth noting that 1) most powerful airguns get a fair fraction of their power from dieseling (this was tested by comparing when charged with nitrogen vs air). 2) Light pellets can be just as bad for the gun as dieseling, and even less stable and 3) A spring replacement or gun-tuning requires a fair bit of skill, time, money and commitment. This is often impractical, especially if you only want supersonic velocities for a short time.

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