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Alocke's Instructables rss


www1392 years ago

How close are you to finishing?

Are you still alive? :P

Alocke (author)  dickheijboer2 years ago

Indeed! I've been working on a huge new ball machine for the past ~8 months. I think it's still a ways away, but it's coming along :)

Wow, message from Alocke, yeah! But nice! Is that ball machine the same as in your profile picture? And do you have a update forum or so or some pictures of your upcoming ball machine on internet? I can't wait to see someting of your ball machine! :)

I love Dream Theater!
Alocke (author)  Purple Waffles4 years ago
Me too! Definitely my favorite band, and I have the majesty logo tattooed on my arm :D
Cool! Favorite album/song?
Alocke (author)  Purple Waffles4 years ago
It changes every month or so. My favorite song is Octavarium, and I doubt that will ever change, it's just so perfect. As for album, right now I really like Images and Words, and I consistently go back to Scenes From a Memory. I have the Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci BFR guitar as well :D
Nice! My favorite song is either Octavarium or Scene Seven: 1 The Dance of Eternity and my favorite album is probably either Octavarium or Scenes From a Memory.
What was your old account on Instructables?
Alocke (author)  Purple Waffles4 years ago
South_Paw, it was a combined account with a team for an engineering projects course. The one instructable on it was the project we did in that course, but I wanted to have my own account for knex related stuff, so I made this one.
Oh ok i thought maybe you had a different knex account before this one.
Randomguy655 years ago
Hi! i was the one talking to you and Kyle in Skype, Joseph.
Shadowman395 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! I see you made a different account. :-)