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scott!5 years ago
Something tells me you might like pranks?
Apple_4_life (author)  scott!5 years ago
kinda, i made them for an april fools day contest
DJ Radio6 years ago
I think you and Gmjhowe may become buds one day.  He is also a macfanboy.

This following section is just my opinion, please don't get mad if you disagree with me.  And I did NOT write the article I link you to.

Looking at your "about me", I would just like to say that my PC is very reliable.  It deal with frozen or unresponding programs very well, and the windows OS has something the mac system has not fully adopted- Compatibility.  Windows supports more software than Mac does.  More games are made for Windows than Mac.

Price is objective.  Mac prices should actually be LOWER than PC's running windows because Apple makes their own OS's, so they don't have to pay royalties to a third party.  They might pay royalties for CPU's and Hard drives but so does everyone else.

For more info: www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi
Apple_4_life (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
 Wow, that website is messed up. It almost seems like they are jealous of Mac users, they showed a couple of things that showed me how carless they really are they said their lower case S isn't working then the line below they use a lower case s, then theres an error message that a was the design that a PC would get (you can tell the difference) SOOOOO.... they were pretty sloppy and emotional (was hard to believe their rant) but thanks for showing me it. (learned alot (yeah right))
Its "He", not "They".  Only 1 person writes for that site.  The person who wrote that article did not encounter the errors himself, but he took it off of a forum he linked to, if you actually read it.  It says "here are a few choice topics from macfixitforums.com".  The person who wrote this uses a unix system primarily, but he uses a windows PC to use stuff like software. 

And about your comment about him being "Sloppy and emotional".  It wasn't really emotional when you have a bunch of facts mixed in with it.
Apple_4_life (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
oh, i didn't know it was only one guy, and some of the errors that were posted were manufacturing defects not which can be fix if the person had read the warranty form and had contacted a person higher up then a customer service rep  also I'd say it was pretty emotional with all the cussing that was on the site and again APPLE IS NOT PERFECT!!!!!!!!! geez! you seem to have missed the 2 times i said it! I have heard of people who had problems with Apple and people who are in love with Apple!!! it depends on how things go for you! man!
The guy who wrote it said "Apple is a company that has built its user base around the fact that its users can't do simple things like turn their computers on".  Going by his logic, not a lot of people would do that.

He never said that apple claimed to be perfect, but it and its users claim to be better than the competition and he was tired of hearing it.  He does have some emotion there because he is tired of hearing people talk about macs when they are not as great as people make them to be.  Heck, I think Apple's biggest mistake in making all their gadgets is making all the batteries non removable.  Once it dies for good, your device is pretty much screwed up unless you pay a bunch of money to send it to Apple.  

Don't get me wrong, I don't have the same hatred for Apple he does, heck I have an iPhone, but macfanboys are macfanboys.  Also I'm a fan of his site lol.
Apple_4_life (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
well the only gadgets with a non removable batteries are the ipods and iphone(but yes it is annoying) the computers are removable, also I don't go around bragging about macs I just felt like putting almost a little rant on PCs on my my profile, and it depends on the computer but there are computers with the power button right in front of your and its a big button so... I think why people think they are better then PC users is because of the cost difference it makes them think they have more money to by more expensive computers making them fell better then PC users. and please don't get me wrong on my profile (once I started writing it I got really into it and a little emotional sooooo...) I don't want to sound like i'm better then anyone I was simply voicing my opinion with some facts mixed in.
The newest model macbooks and macbook pros have built in batteries according to Apple. 

Oh ok I get where you are coming from.
that's because they don't want you to replace the battery when it gives up the ghost, they either want you to;
1; buy a new laptop altogether
2; have it repaired at the apple store, and have it survive long enough to back up your data, THEN buy new laptop.
Apple_4_life (author)  toogers6 years ago
mmhm, I have a question, why are you adding your little side comments like 5 months after this conversation ended?
whoa, that was that long ago?
Apple_4_life (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
 hmmmmmm, interesting I did not know that! I just took a look and you are right, BUT there are pros and cons, pros are that there is more space for the battery (making it bigger) which increases the life span of the battery (thus making the computer greener) cons are that you cant change the battery if its dead, but I check apple's website and they say it has a 5 year life span, so you tell me, greener computer or batteries in landfills? (I am a very environmental person so this is a big thumbs up from me)
In the long run this is rather beneficial, but if you are a frequent traveler and are away from power outlets frequently, the Macbooks are not your best choice because if your power runs out (it will no matter how big the battery is), you can't just pop in a new battery and keep on rolling.  Apple users are basically slaves to power outlets in this sense.  2 removable batteries last longer than 1 non removable battery.
Apple_4_life (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
well then maybe Macs aren't the right kind of computer for a frequent flyer ( or anyone away from an outlet for long periods of time. also I am very environmental, and Apple has made their computers a whole lot more green so... kudos to them.