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  • ArekK5 commented on Ali_Athar's instructable How to overclock Intel CPUs?1 year ago
    How to overclock Intel CPUs?

    Hello , I read the gourde and I'm thinking about an OC . But the thing is that I have an older laptop which can not even run games , like the low end ones . I heard the the Pentium cps are really overclockable and I wanted to ask if it would even be worth it . I will give you my laptop model and the cpu model . CPU : Intel® Pentium® processor P6100LAPTOP : Toshiba satellite C660 - 16Z It's quite old and that's all I have but CSGO runs at less than 20FPS . And it's not even a demanding title .I have every setting on low and the resolution of 800 x 600 it is frustrating . I'm getting a PC after the summer but I feel like trying to overclock it . Any suggestions and help on how to do it ?

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