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hjonas105 years ago
I just started a square foot garden and will definitely try this. do you still have the worm cafe up and running? any recent updates?
Beuna (author)  hjonas105 years ago
In late summer I moved my worm cafe to a different Square Foot Garden bed. I have not checked it for awhile since it has been winter. I will probably have some updates by March or April.
remotehomes6 years ago
great idea I'll be adding several of these to each of my beds. feed your worms and you'll feed your garden, once again GREAT IDEA !!!!!!!!  and by the way, red wigglers are manure worms
Beuna (author)  remotehomes6 years ago
Thank you for your comments! If you would like to add this comment to the Instructable directly and/or vote for it I would appreciate it.