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vishalapr5 years ago
Hey your zip tie basket was featured in the newsletter! Congrats! Mine was as well! Im really excited!!!!!!
BladeFyre Studios (author)  vishalapr5 years ago
Awesome! Congrats to you too!
vishalapr5 years ago
The zip tie basket has been featured on quite a lot of other website than instructables like :


Isn't that cool!
BladeFyre Studios (author)  vishalapr5 years ago
Yeah, I knew it was on craftzine.com, but not those other two! That is pretty cool!
Did you send a request or something to craftzine?
BladeFyre Studios (author)  vishalapr5 years ago
No I saw it under the stats tab as a the day after it became featured.......

these are the referrers: blog.craftzine.com, twitter.com, google.com, friendstitch.over-blog.com, facebook.com, stumbleupon.com, diy.alltop.com, netvibes.com, my.yahoo.com, m.facebook.com, hootsuite.com, delicious.com, google.co.uk, deco.collected.info, portfo.li....

I did post it to FB, Twitter, and stumbleupon thou.... You know after you publish it and it says show it off! ... Lol, I also posted it on my website, but after I saw it on craftzine.com

But I had no clue it was on the other two sites you showed me earlier!
Thx for the awesome patch!
oh cool!
vishalapr5 years ago
Very well done on your first instructable! Its useful as well as awesome!
BladeFyre Studios (author)  vishalapr5 years ago
Thank you very much!