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i would put a couple of those silicon sachets wich you get in shoe boxes to help slow/stop fogging up
Bobby_M (author)  The nerdling5 years ago
That's exactly what I've done but I've bought them new from Mcmaster.com.
cool,does it work good?
Thank you for your great design!! I am ordering the materials to build this soon.  I was wondering, how do you feel about using the polycarbonate instead of the acrylic? Just curious.
mrshawt8 years ago
Would a second o-ring be safer, like the ones I drew in in this picture? Or would it disallow the first o-ring from closing properly?
Bobby_M (author)  mrshawt8 years ago
No good on the second Oring. You'd effectively get half the seal on both. I've never had a leak at the Oring connection before. No worries if you get those surfaces nice and smooth.
Pcolaboy8 years ago
Hello Bobby, I'm going to have to build with a 6" diameter tube unfortunately. Will the latches that you suggested work with this size pipe? I know that I'll have to find larger a larger o-ring. I'm having an extraordinarily difficult time in finding a length of this size less than 20' from a plumbing supply. Home Depot only carries the cell core type. I guess I need to cruise around for some construction sites and ask for the leftovers? Thanks very much for your blog and awesome information!!! Pcolaboy
Sanjay9 years ago
Hi Bobby, Finally you have given us the idea to make a case for camcorders - a big thank you ! I have tried to get some of the materials but have not been able to. I was wondering, do you make them for people and sell them, if so, then I would be very much interested in buying one from you if possible. I need underwater cases for Canon MVX 350i camcorder, Canon EOS 30D digital SLR camera and Canon PowerShot S70 digital camera. I have tried to get casings for these, but they are really really expensive. Please get back to me on sanjaychadha@btinternet.com Many thanks. Sanjay
Bobby_M (author)  Sanjay9 years ago
I know they're expensive, that's why I had to build my own. The problems with me building cases and selling them is that I don't have the actual cameras in my hand to model the housing and I don't have any way to pressure test prior to shipping. When you get into digital still cameras, you also need to start adding exterior controls for the shutter, etc and you also need to run strobes for flash. It's hard to do-it-yourslef with these requirements. The most I've done for other people so far is to build bare bones housings with no paint or handles. The only requirement is that I know that the camcorder fits inside a 4" pvc tube and what the length is (I always like to leave 1/2" more at the rear in case you go with a long life battery). Email me at mustang100@yahoo.com if you want to discuss it further. Thanks. Bobby
gandras9 years ago
I found your work extremely likable. Have not seen anything as profesionaly done as yours. You did all work with 4" pvc, my camcorder is larger and I have to use 5" pvc and the problem comes that I can not find 5" couplings. Could you help me out.
Bobby_M (author)  gandras9 years ago
I didn't even know they make 5" PVC. I have seen a few people use 4" but form it around a square/rectangular form by heating it up. I have also seen people make this design using no couplings but heat forming a ring of pipe and stretching it to make the outer collars. I have tried it, but I found using stock couplings MUCH easier. Keep looking for your 5" couplings. You might want to consider a camera upgrade. The new hard drive recording DV cams fit into 3"!!! Bobby