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are you still alive? i remember you back from lightertricks
Bongmaster (author)  thematthatter1 year ago
yes i lurk here daily x3
ToXiCATOM1 year ago
I Love The Picture!!!
dead hawk2 years ago
Neat instructables Boma
Bongmaster (author)  dead hawk2 years ago
AndyGadget2 years ago
Hi BM,

"This is a Local site for Local people! there's nothing for you here! >:I"

Is 'The league of gentlemen" shown in Norway? Do Norwegians find it funny? I always thought it would be one of those particularly British things. (Or are you from the UK?)
Bongmaster (author)  AndyGadget2 years ago
i dunno im english but living in norway, i dont watch much tele here XD
but it would be good if it did get aired tho X3
Kawaii desu no Haruhi-Chan. Pocky?
Bongmaster (author)  superMacaroni4 years ago
eh? O_o in english please XD
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Bongmaster (author)  DELETED_cdousley4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Bongmaster (author)  DELETED_spoonty5 years ago
(facepalms) ;)
ha ha.
bongmaster? that doesn't mean what i think it means, does it?
Bongmaster (author)  AnarchistAsian6 years ago
yes and no.. it was but i havnt for a long time ;) several years in fact. not even a cigarette :D