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March 17, 2010
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  • Pat LaFrieda's Ultimate Prime Rib Guide

    Nice I'ble and AD.But some of us can't afford $60 per person for aged roasts.I'm disabled and on fixed income :-(

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  • 'Viking' beer mug (no power tools - the bushcraft way)

    I see on the wiki page how you can use this knot to tie to a perpendicular line,rod,etc.,but how would you use it to tie it to the other end of the rope after wrapping the mug,as it would be parallel.Forgive my ignorance,and Thank You!

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  • Bowtie41 commented on Natalina's instructable How to Fry a Turkey10 months ago
    How to Fry a Turkey

    Been hooked on 'em for years.Every Thanksgiving,Christmas,and at least 2 during the middle of the year.I prefer the water method as opposed to the line on the pot,'cuz I always look for a fatter bird than they recommend.I also inject them with Cajun Butter,and dry rub from our local Rural King.I'm sure Menards,etc.,have similar.I strain the oil through coffee filter after it cools,and store in a cool,dry place,and usually get 2-3 birds before I change it.I also shut off gas when lowering.GREAT safety advise.I want turkey fried not me,lol.I also fry lots of fish in mine.DON'T fry Turkey in used fish fry oil(Don't ask why.....)

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