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BrefelanDesigns (author) 4 years ago
Since I fail so much on the RERO (Release Early,Release Often) Maker philosophy. I think I will post a slideshow of my current work area and show off some of my PIPs (Projects In Progress)... I might post some of my drawings too if anyone is interested...
ynze4 years ago
Hey, thanks for subscribing! And you fav'd my latest instructable, too :-D. I published it 30 minutes ago :-)
BrefelanDesigns (author)  ynze4 years ago
Hmm, that quickly?
Well, I do tend to check Instructables for new 'Ibles almost daily!
Anyways I really like your 'ible... though I would be tempted to either go with one of those lamps with multiple flexible heads or tho scale it up to a 3 spotlight light fixture.
I agree. Stay tuned, I'll add a few more steps in the next week about spotlights and so...
Thanks for subscribing! More to come
susanrm4 years ago
Thanks for the follow!
Thanks for subscribing!
gg12204 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! My brother also does work with lasers, maybe I'll get him to post something some day :)
Gena_Rumple4 years ago
Thank you for subscribing to me. It is most appreciated. (^_^)b
maewert4 years ago

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Are you into Steampunk?  I recently visited the Detroit Maker Faire but was a little disappointed by the lack of steampunk there :-(.

Anyway, have fun!


BrefelanDesigns (author)  maewert4 years ago
I am very much into Steampunk! Mater of fact I try to combine my love for art, music and steampunk together as much as possible!... Unfortunately I do not have the time,money, nor the transportation to go to many of the conventions....
Anyways thanks for subscribing!
depotdevoid5 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! I've got lots more coming up, so stay tuned!
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