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mamatealx33 years ago
thanks for the reply,but I was seeking the answer to "What is Neurotypical"...thats it
triumphman4 years ago
Thank you souch! You were right on the money! The letters on the Bollo knife make sens now. It says PLUMB on one side and USM on the other. I have cleaned it up, sharpened it. Now to
make asheath of leather or what else I can find. The original was probably green or tan canvas. I will have to find a picture on the web to be sure! Thank you again. You are the man! As ever, Triumphman
Kryptonite4 years ago
Great to see you on the site again, where have you been? Or have I just been mildly oblivious of late...
Burf (author)  Kryptonite4 years ago
I've been around, my posting times are a little erratic because being retired I can go online whenever I like. So I just jump in when I'm not occupied with something else or get bored.
Kryptonite Burf4 years ago
Ahh, I've been offline for almost a month before now so I have missed a few things.
i liek u'r profile pic:)
Burf (author)  popcorn4lunch5 years ago
Thank you. I just found a pic of Mr. Peabody that I liked on the net and modified it with a Paint program.
cool :)
grooooovy6 years ago
Burf, I had that question about how to unsubscribe.....
TOCO6 years ago
hey Burf thanks for answering my question!!