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Kona-chan2 years ago

hey bro, you still here?

i thought you left to go in the army?

well, my mistake

do you still have that semi auto mp5k build?

cuz i wanna build it


nice to have you back

CODawesome (author)  Kona-chan2 years ago

Hey, I just stopped building knex, and i gave them away. but i am still on this site, just browsing other people's builds in other categories other than knex. I'm in 10th grade now, and I'll join ROTC after I graduate. Sorry man, but I am done building knex, and the semi auto mp5k can't be built.

no problem, i was just wondering because i liked the looks

but good yer still around

what's the ROTC?(since i'm from the same country as richtofen)

cuz we have the "Corps Comando's" here

CODawesome (author)  Kona-chan2 years ago

reserves officer's training corps. If i serve the army for some amount of years, then the army will pay for all of my college fees.

so you only want to join because you're in bepth?


Heres the link to the ebook! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EWSWMJ8
Hey, is there a chance I can somehow get a free copy since my work was featured in there, or no? Also, did you list the usernames next to any of the pictures of guns? Because in the sample version, i saw my musket, but there was no recognition of me....if there wasn't it's fine, I was just wondering.
To be blatantly honest, you'd have to give me your email. I could send it to you then, but not as it is.
Thank you so much man, I received it and it is beautiful. Thanks for the compliments on my guns and other guns of people. : )
You are much welcome. I am glad you enjoyed it!
I PMed my email...
Alright. I shall PM you my email. : )
Hey bro,

I am in the process making a k'nex gun replica ebook, and I was wondering if I could feature your PP-19 Bizon in it? Also, can I put in your user name as the creator?
How's that ebook coming along?