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Jan. 29, 2010
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  • Cakestripe commented on Spastic's instructable Mug Brownie7 months ago
    Mug Brownie

    I've never had a sudden and desperate craving for anything before, but I had a taste for a brownie about an hour ago. It was interesting, as I could easily imagine the texture and flavor of my favorite kind of dark chocolate brownie, but I honestly thought it'd pass. From then to now, my need for a brownie only got stronger and I had to do something.I looked up a couple key words to get to this recipe, which I found perfectly direct. I grabbed a cereal bowl, threw in all the ingredients, and tossed it in the microwave for a bit. The only changes I made were honey instead of sugar, and milk instead of water. It was phenomenal! I'm going to make this all the damn time, and I'll be adding all sorts of whatever else I might want in it - it's seriously foolproof and exactly what I want!TL;DR - This was perfect, thank you. :)

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