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Meglymoo874 months ago

Thanks so much for the follow! Many blessings :) (PS, great work you do!)

Yonatan245 months ago

Thanks For Following!

Was there any specific project that made you click that orange button? :)

CatalinRO (author)  Yonatan245 months ago
In the past I used Instructables in a basic form, recently I realized that here are many people with interesting work and worth keep in touch with them. For you particular question, I have no precise answer, but in general I like small hacks (like the simple magnetic bit storage on a drill), funny things (tea-rex :) ).
I am an electronic engineer, going outside, working inside, interested in many things, life is too nice to be a specialist in a narrow filed :)

Ok, Glad you liked them!

You're right, There are tons of people on Instructables that have very interesting projects (No wonder I'm following more than 400 people )