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Hello, and welcome to Instructables!
I have realized that you did not receive a greeting from ewilhelm (Eric) or the Instructables Robot, so here you go!
I do NOT work for Instructables, but I give out greetings once in a while.

Welcome, and just have fun at Instructables.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Instructables staff, or me. If you do not know who they are, you can check them out here. Just click on one of the accounts at the link I just gave you (somebody in the Instructables Team/ Interns/ Advisors) and ask them in a private message or comment.
You can ask me about anything on this website, how to change your profile avatar icon, posting Instructables, anything! I'll be here for you.

Have fun!
Cees (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Hi, and sorry to bug you again! I was trying to add a couple of pictures to one of my slideshows and it lets me put them in the library and then nothing I do to edit the slideshow makes them show up in the slideshow. Any ideas? Thanks!
Wait, what? Can you repeat that better please, not to be rude or anything. I just kind of didn't get the part of the image library and stuff.
Cees (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
So sorry I didn't explain better. Thanks so much for trying to help! I imported three new images to add to my cable scarf and mitten slideshow, since I finished the matching hat, and they were in my instructables library or whatever it's called. I clicked on "edit slideshow" and couldn't find any way to add the three images to the slideshow. They seemed to show up in the box underneath the slideshow where my other images were, but then when I clicked "preview" it was just my original images of scarf and mittens. Nothing I did made the hat images be part of the slideshow. Thanks!!! I really appreciate your time.
Cees (author)  Cees8 years ago
Thank you for the help. I appreciate it. I think this website must have some big problems. After trying over and over it finally let me add the three new hat pictures, but deleted the main first picture of the scarf alone. I've tried re-editing and adding the scarf over and over, but it won't do it. Thanks for your help, though.
Hmm. Well, go to (edit). Then, look at the picture part. Near the bottom (basically the bottom, yeah), it should say Your Library. It's the part that says View by file type: Click the desired image(s), and click where is says Add. The picture should show up in the above part. Now, add in a title (optional), and click where it says "Save Image Data".

If you have anymore problems, I will be here for you, Cees.

Cees Candy.

:P Just kidding.
Cees (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
I accidentally deleted my ninja turtle in the Lion Brand contest...I'd entered the holiday contest and realized it wasn't supposed to be in there, so I tried to delete it and deleted it from everywhere. I put it back up but now it's not showing in the contest. I clicked "add to contest" last night and it said "this instructable is already in this group" but it still hasn't showed up there. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance and enjoy your Sunday!
Hmm. Well, I just checked out the group, it shows your Ninja Turtle Slideshow in there. Check it out right now, and if you have any more problems, come to me again. Or you can contact any of the Instructables Staff, here.
Cees (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Thanks very much!

Hello! Welcome to Instructables!

I am the Instructables Robot. My job is to alert you whenever someone leaves you a comment or sends you a private message. I spend most of my day sending email. I like sending email.

You probably want to upload an image to your profile. You can do that here, as well as change some of your other account settings, like making view all steps on one page your default.

After that, check out How to make a great Instructable, The Guided Tour of Instructables, and the Help Group if you have any questions.