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Dec. 2, 2008
i used to work for a pet store on and off for about 20 yrs...yeah..you read that right..20 yrs..i love animals and my first job was in a pet store and the manager opened his own..and thats who i worked for for that long..i am pretty knowledgeable in everything you can find in a pet store..puppies, birds (exotics), reptiles, small animals, and of...
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  • Oh my goodness, your just like me! I have been into praying mantinds for 3 years and name them as well! Today I went to the nursery because my Manty laid 3 egg sacs, but never hatched, and found a baby one, actually it found me!I so love her and named her Mini Manty! Everyone calls me the "Mantid Whisperer" because they appear out of nowhere and suddenly there on my arm or leg !!I find them fascinating and wish I was an entomologist. I can't believe how many species there is! Hers my Mini Manty...

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  • around 2 years ago when i was at school there were these kids that were throwing a mantis at eachother and laughing saying "Oh my god it sticks that's awesome" I walk up to them and one says "watch this" and I was horrified not of the mantis but how they were treating (what with my family being very respectful of species rights) to which I responded "Well duh, if you were being thrown at something that if you didn't cling on to it you would be hurt you would do the samething" I told them to give it to me they put it in my hand and could tell this thing was terrified because it bit me of course I understood why and whe it calmed down but remained still is when my curiosity was peaked when I remembered when my mom told me that she loved the because when they would climb on her and it tickled so i rolled up my sleeve to my sweatshirt (what with it being autumn) to try and get it to walkup my arm and it looked up at me and I looked at it and it walked up my arm without me giving it a nudge or anything like it understood what I wanted and it did tickle a little, and some jerk decided to walk up behind me and it was on my shoulder he grabbed it off my shoulder crushed it and threw it on the ground i was pissed and if i weren't for the little kids coming out I would have beaten him within an inch of his life I was so worried for it so I moved it into the grass where it wouldn't get stepped on the next day I look over to where I put it and guess what's propped up against the wall the little mantis I was so releved that it was okay and so what I did was I hung out with the mantis for a while and then what I did was I took it over to the side of the school and placed it down so it could be free the next day there it was again and yes I am sure it was the same one propped up at the same spot just chillin' and when I walked near it, it climbed up to the window-sil as if to say 'Hey it's you' and it felt like it was grateful that I cared about it I got a little teary eyed so what I did was I decided I would bring it home I put my hand down next to it and sure enough it walked onto my hand and when got on the bus my bus driver gve me a look of confusion and I told her i was taking it home she didn't care as long as it didn't get loose you know from my hand and it sort of gave me look like 'please don't make me leave' the liitle kids were a little stupid cause they were like "are you gonna kill it?" to which i responded "No i am taking it home so I can take care of it" and then the same kid was like "can I kill it." and then I repeated myself an he just kept asking if he could kill it and I just kept ignoring him and I just sat by the window well away from the kid and it just sort of just watched me the whole time and i had no where to keep it so i kept it outside and it survived for like a two weeks and then somehow it got decapitated an it was a small ball shaped nub where its head would be attached completely inconsistant with if it were to have mated and by the way male mantis' die a week after fertilzation even if the female doesn't eat it.

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  • JanaB6 commented on Chiana's forum topic Feeding baby praying mantis (newly hatched)9 months ago

    Thank u SOOOO much for this article! I had the EXACT same thing happen. My pet mantis, Juno, passed away just last week, Xmas Eve to be exact :( , and her egg sack that she laid inside the tank just hatched a couple of days ago! I had no idea there would be so many come out and that they would be as small as they are. (I counted 88 of them...the ones I could see anyway!) I didn't know what to do to feed them bc obviously there are no flies or nats around at the moment..or ants for that matter! I will try this tonight. Thanks again!!

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